The digital marketing space continues to evolve at a fast pace. New tools, techniques and platforms are added to the mix all the time. We are often asked questions about current best practices and “bottom line” guidelines for search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), social media marketing or digital strategy in general. Typically the questions start with “How do I” and they require a complex response. While each solution is ultimately client-specific, there are some basic guidelines that constitute a starting point for all.  

With our Executive Briefs we endeavor to answer some of the most common questions in an easy to digest format. We are busy people and assume that so are you. Who has the time to read a 20 page white paper these days? Right? Mindful of that we have designed our Executive Briefs to be short, sweet and to the point. Our Executive Briefs are available for free download. I hope you find them useful, and if you do, please let us know and share with your network via social media channels or email. Enjoy!

Social Media Networking for Business Guide

Social Networking for Business

Social media specialist, Alonso Chehade, has put together a quick unmissable read called “Inbound Networking 2.0” to help businesses understand how to network on social media.   This guide features advice from a networking expert, a word of mouth expert and a dating coach.  Download now to build relationships and attract new business.



Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO

Margery Spears, Confluence’s SEO expert, has written a succinct yet comprehensive executive brief explaining what is Black Hat SEO, why it is wise to avoid it, and how to go about identifying the right (White Hat) SEO agency to help promote your brand in natural search engine results pages (SERPs). Find out about Confluence’s Philosophy and opinion on this subject or just download the brief.


black vs white hat guide
Power of Online Reviews guide

SEO Power of Online Reviews

In this executive brief Margery Spears discusses how online reviews can increase search engine rankings, improve search visibility and help attract new customers for a business by increasing brand awareness and attracting more visitor traffic to a website. She also provides some tips for generating positive reviews from your customers and responding to the occasional negative review.


Establishing Local Trust

By managing the consistent use of references to your business name, address, phone number, and website address in both your web pages and in external sources such as business profiles, business listings, yellow pages, review sites, and directories, you validate the credibility of this information and improve the “trust” in your business location. Establishing local trust helps to improve your local search rankings in local, map and mobile searches and can increase your local sales and business.


Establishing Local Trust Business Guide

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