The Problem

Woefully underperforming program needed to produce leads or risk being eliminated. Lead generation volume from online was low and cost per acquisition was excessive. Despite superior technology, deep pocketed competitors dominated the market.

Our Challenge

Messaging which supported specific environments for Oracle, SAP, VMWare platform support was not reaching audience effectively. Available time from the Marketing Programs Manager was limited and occupied with other projects.

Digital Audit

Step one was to fully understand the value proposition for UC4’s audience. What pain points did UC4 address and who were the buying influences involved in this complex enterprise software and service sale?

Paid Search

Based on our research the pay-per-click program architecture was rebuilt. A keyword gap analysis was executed to identify holes in targeting. Google’s Display Network was tested and proved a valuable new ad distribution channel.

Landing Pages

Landing pages were A/B tested and integrate with UC4’s lead nurturing platform. Landing page optimization continues to evolve today.

Website Analytics

Website analytics were used to identify natural search trends and content most sought by visitors. A complete assessment and overhaul of bid strategy was conducted and revisions implemented.

Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Lead Volume
Decrease in Cost per Acquisition
Revenue Tracked to Program