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Expedition Trips is a travel agency that specializes in expedition travel to some of the most remote locations on Earth, including Antarctica, the Galapagos, and more. Expedition Trips contacted Confluence to help them turn around a digital ad program that had been spending more money for fewer leads.

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Corrected & Improved PPC Performance

Under our management the program’s performance was reversed fairly quickly. We immediately expanded use of the Google AdWords platform to include features previously not activated. Within 3 months the cost per acquisition was reduced to match the previous best performing period. With further testing, optimization and well applied management we delivered a program that with less budget was able to deliver more quality leads that closed sooner resulting in the company realizing a significantly increased return on investment.


Identified Target Consumer Segments

In support of Expedition Trips we executed our Brand Activism™ program to align internal and external views of the brand. A cross section of customers was surveyed to drill into what they valued most in the experience and how ExpeditionTrips delivered to meet those expectations. Additionally we evaluated the geographies where most booked trips occurred and geo-targeting was reconfigured to emphasize the most profitable. All creative assets were evaluated and new concepts where tested that addressed the needs and interest of high value customers.

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Confluence has helped drive an increased quantity of high quality leads, while managing our budget effectively. They are thoughtful, knowledgeable and creative experts in their field, and I would strongly encourage anyone who is serious about increasing the success of their digital marketing efforts to engage their services.

Ashton PalmerCEO, ExpeditionTrips

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