What Musicians Can Learn from Blue Scholars’ Social Media

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The Blue Scholars is a Seattle-based music group who has been able to forego signing a deal with a record label by distributing and marketing their content by themselves through the use of social media.  As a fan of their work and after recently attending a social media event for musicians at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle, I decided to take a deeper look into their social accounts to find out what they are doing and how are they making it happen big.  One word – Impressed!  

Here are three reasons why every musician should look up to the Blue Scholars to make the best out of their social media programs:

#1 CONSISTENCY – Strong Presence & Highly Engaged Fans    

To start with, below is an screenshot of Blue Scholars social media channels.  As you can see they have established a strong presence in different social platforms and distribution channels; top 3 being Facebook, My Space and Twitter.  Most of theirs accounts are updated almost daily keeping their fans engaged with their progress and adventures as they tour different cities around the country.

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#2 FULL ACCESS – Media Rich Content

When it comes to finding and discovering their music, the Blue Scholars get an A+ not only by pushing their content in a diverse range of platforms through soundtracks and music videos but all the way to LIVE streaming.  Their commitment to their fans is incredible as far as taking them with them wherever they go to share the experience.   The Blue Scholars will regularly give you full instant access to their adventures. 

#3 CREATIVITY – Fund-sourcing  Music Pioneers  

 After 4 years of traveling and making a lot of music,  the Blue Scholars decided to try something completely new to fund the release of their third album called “CINEMETROPOLIS”.  They turned to Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform to raise $25,000 to release their music and videos instead of signing with a record label.  The outcome — after leveraging their social media programs to reach out to their fans for support, the Blue Scholars raised over $62,000 at the end of their campaign!   

OK, enough with the writing.  Ready to see some examples? Click on the link below

3 Unmissable Social Media Ideas for Musicians



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