Two Google+ Bugs You’ll Want To Know About

By November 19, 2011Analytics, Social Media

Google Plus Bug - Confluence Digital blogSince Google introduced the long-awaited business pages on Google+ I spent some time developing and configuring the page for our business as well as checking out the various features of this new(ish) social media platform. In the process I ran into a couple annoying bugs I though I would share with you in the hope of sparing you the runaround I went through trying to get some answers.

Need to Create 2 Google+ Profiles, Really?

Yesterday I discovered that Google+ is finally available with Google apps, which means I can now create a profile on their social platform with my work e-mail.  The problem? I have already created a Google+ profile for myself under my personal Google account and I don’t want another one. Ideally I would like to have access to my Google+ profile page whenever I am logged in either with my personal or work Google account.  

I did some research to find out if there was a way to have both of my e-mail accounts under the same Google+ profile, but unfortunately for now, because they are both Google accounts — I can’t.

Google Pages Improvements – Please Hurry

Currently Google pages only allows one admin per page, which means I can’t add other people to help manage the page.  Funny thing is that I ended up creating my company’s Google page under my personal Google account because I didn’t want to create another Google+ duplicate profile for myself on the platform. The problem? Now I have to keep switching accounts or opening new browsers to log into my personal Google account every time I need to post on the page when I am at the office.  

I researched this issue, and unfortunately for now there is no workaround here folks. Well, now at least you know so you don’t have to do the research to figure this out on your own or wait until Google catches the problems and does something to fix this.  Cheers!

Have you found any Google+ issues that bug you? Or do you have suggestions for how best to handle any of them? Please share your ideas in the comments below or post them on our Google+ page.

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