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Last week I attended the Online Marketing Summit here in Seattle. It was a great opportunity to meet and connect with others who share my passion for digital marketing. I enjoyed the event. Afterwards I was asked what my key takeaways were. There was a lot of material covered, so instead I thought I’d share my top 3 favorite presentations from the conference. I’ve selected them based on how they were delivered and how applicable I think they will be to my work. So, now the moment you’ve all (OK, the 3 people who have asked me) been waiting for… Here they are.

(1) Creative Thinking and Effective Linking by Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz (@randfish)

This was by far my favorite presentation because not only was Rand’s content something that I could take away with me and start implementing, but his presentation was more like a show.  There is nothing better than laughing and learning at the same time and Rand got the A+ of the day. Some of the people at the event could not believe how shameless I was to show up like a groupie to get a picture with him at the end of his presentation. Yes. Really. See the evidence for yourself. Well what can I say; I am not afraid of letting people know that they rock at what they do.

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My top takeaways from Rand’s presentation were:

  • Stop getting links, Start earning them
  • If the value of your content is only good enough then inbound marketing is not for you
  • To produce decent content (well researched, thoughtful, useful) you need to spend at least 5-6 hours on it
  • – A gallery for finding awesome web designs for inspiration
  • You must become a hub for great content in your niche
  • – Awesome tool for Twitter research

You can find Rand’s presentation here.

(2) How to Convert More Visitors to Customers by Matt Dombrow, Master of Clickability, Clixo (@mattdombrow)

I thought Matt’s presentation was very useful in the sense of getting us thinking of ways to cut some fat our from the content to generate more conversions by having easy to read, unique and consistent content.

My takeaways from Matt’s presentation were:

  •  Make your text skimmable and scannable for more conversions
  • Attract them first, keep them engage, and then ask them to act
  • How do you think something sells VS How does it actually does
  • Remember to think of the value to the customer when asking them subscribe to something
(3) Using the Data You Have to Drive Marketing ROI across all Channels by Thad Kahlow, CEO, BusinessOnline (@tkahlow)

Thad did a great job at explaining how important it is to rock (yes, rock) across all marketing channels because of how they integrate to create a cohesive digital strategy. Now, at Confluence Digital we talk integration all the time, so this was an easy to agree with idea. Thad’s presentation was both informative and entertaining. He used animation making it really easy to follow what he was explaining. This was great considering the breath of the material he covered.

My key takeaway from Thad’s presentation was:

  • – Great example on how to use free social media tools, so if you’re short on budget and can’t get Radian 6 then you should definitely check this blog out

During the breaks I had so much energy that talking to other attendees wasn’t enough so I also interviewed several of them and saved the moment to share with all of you. Enjoy!

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