Three Tips To Boost Your Social Media Game

By February 3, 2012Social Media

So, you’re using social media to market your product or service online. You look to find prospects and you hope to get them interested in what you have to offer. You spot them online under a category list and offer them a free demo or gift.

You think they would be interested and that things should go pretty well until you check back on your efforts, only to see that nobody clicked on your offer. What is missing? Here are some tips on how to be more successful.

#1 Connect with your audience in the right places

Here is the thing:  people typically don’t like to connect with businesses that they never heard from before.  Sure, your product is well packaged, has a lot of great benefits, even some case studies to prove your results, but you keep failing to get others to give it a try.

A direct approach may seem like a great spot to find an audience, but people are rarely open to becomimg quality prospects through this tactic.  You need to approach them and start a conversation with them in places where they are receptive to engage with you.  

An audience analysis tells you who your fans are, what they care about, and where they are having those conversations you want to be in.   

#2 Become interesting and make them want you

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What does your audience want? I’ll tell you what they don’t want: they don’t want to be bored.  
Sadly, most unstructured social media efforts are boring and they don’t get more than a glance from chance readers, and then you wonder why you never see engagement, that’s why.  
The solution is to create deeply interesting content.  Smart content development will help you find the kind of Like-able content your audience will love to get more off and won’t resist following you on Twitter or subscribing to your RSS feed. When they do that, it will take your social media effort to the next level.  
Empower others through interesting, helpful content and they will be your best prospects.

#3 Yes, actually listen to what they are saying 

Active listening is one of the most important social media activities.  This means to be actually listening to what your audience has to say and taking the time to understand them and their needs, as well as relate to their problems. 
Provide solutions without overstuffing your content with unwanted self-promotion.  If you want your social networks to work, you need to learn how to listen properly because talking and sharing can be a powerful bonding experiences which will help you build strong relationships.
Learn how and who to trust by communicating and paying attention to the smallest of details.  Whenever you spot a thought leader in your industry, listen carefully, and ask questions.  
When you learn how to listen to your audience, they will feel understood, respected and reassured and it will lead to trust and credibility with your business. If you value your business, you should listen to your customers and prospects. Otherwise, you run the risk of having them find someone else who will listen to them better than you.

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