10 Targeting Tips to Engage Your Target Audience

By July 25, 2012The D-Blog

No one website has only one type of visitor.  Take any website, blog, social media channel and you will find thattarget-audience almost all of their visitors can be categorized into at least one of ten different groups that make up their “target audience”.

In the following blog post we will identify these 10 types of visitors, as well as share with you some of our “targeted engagement tips”.

1. Target Audience: Regular Returning Visitors

Returning visitors are already familiar with your site so they presumably already know their way around.

Targeted Engagement Tip 1: Do not target these visitors with introductory or instructional language (along the lines of how to navigate the site), instead try adding a welcome back message, perhaps near the top of the page.

2. Target Audience: Registered Users/Members

Expanding user registration is extremely important to a lot of websites. The reason is, when you register your users they give you access to a wealth of information (email address, location, job title, interests, etc.)

Targeted Engagement Tip 2: Make the registering process easy and fun as well as inclusive.  Add funny questions in with serious ones (favorite tv show to watch during dinner?  where do you live?), as well as questions like “what do you like about our website?” and “what would you like to see improved?”

3. Target Audience: Frequent Buyers

Frequent buyers are your most valuable visitors. They obviously already find your content and/or products/services engaging and so any language trying to get them to your site is somewhat useless.

Targeted Engagement Tip 3: After identifying these visitors you should design compelling offers that are exclusive and highly relevant to them (for example if it is someone who purchases a lot of merchandise at once, make a special offer on shipping costs)

4. Target Audience: User-Generated Content Providers

User-generated content usually comes in the form of reviews and/or comments on your content by your visitors. This content not only encourages other visitors to participate but it also adds significant SEO value to your site.

Targeted Engagement Tip 4: Make it easy to participate socially on your site by either making your site more user-friendly or putting out more targeted and engaging calls to action.  When you encourage your visitors to voice their opinions you are helping to create a community on your site that is not only engaged but easily searchable online.

5. Target Audience: Locals

While you may be getting visitors to your site from all around the world, how you speak to and engage localsshould be focused on the fact that they are local.

Targeted Engagement Tip 5: Design and promote special deals or discounts that are exclusive to locals, and then make sure you are promoting these offers to your local users.

6. Target Audience: Weekenders

Loosely refers to the type of visitor who only visits your site on certain days of the week at certain times (i.e. only on the weekends or only in the mornings).

Targeted Engagement Tip 6: Figure out when these visitors are on your site so that you are targeting peak visitation times when posting new content.

7. Target Audience: Decision Makers and Influencers

Make sure you are speaking to visitors who are decision makers (the person who has the power and financial means to agree to a sales proposal) differently than decision influencers (someone who sends out a “tweet” to millions of followers).

Targeted Engagement Tip 7: One of the best ways to do this is to use the information you get from your site registration forms. Once you figure out what type of visitor that user is, use that information to design language and offers that appeal to both decision makers or influencers separately.

8. Target Audience: Category Searchers

Listen to your visitors, they will tell you want they want. These types of visitors search in or visit the same category or page each time they come to your site.

Targeted Engagement Tip 8: Make that category even more visually prominent for that visitor. You can do this by arranging your site so that the content they are looking for is more readily available on the homepage. Or you can target that visitor with directed calls to action that are relevant to what they are interested in.

9. Target Audience: Site Searchers

Site searchers are the visitors who search your site for specific types of content each time they visit.

Targeted Engagement Tip 9: Make a list of related content readily available to that visitor each time they visit your site. Another solution would be to make the search functionality on your site a more prominent fixture.

10. Target Audience: Search Engine Searchers

People who find your site using search engines are most likely using keywords to find relevant content and so they will behave differently on your site than visitors who go to that site specifically. And so it’s important to consider how search engines find your site.

Targeted Engagement Tip 10: Figure out how your site is showing up for search engines (look at tags, Meta descriptions, etc.) and figure out how similar (competitors’) sites are being read by search engines. Making your site easily readable to search engines will better ensure you get the right visitors to your site.

Are there any other categories of visitors you can think of? Any targeting tactics you use for these visitors that we missed?

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