How to Tag Bing Ads to Track Traffic from Bing in Google Analytics

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It’s important to always be aware of how well your Paid Search Campaigns are performing. Conversion tracking allows you to see the actions that customer takes after clicking on your ads – whether they purchase your product, sign up for your newsletter, or fill out a form to receive more information.  By tracking conversions you can improve existing campaigns and get better return on investment (ROI).  However, tracking AdWords data in Google Analytics is a bit more straightforward of a process than, tracking Bing ads data.

How to Tag Bing Ads Destination URLs for Tracking in Google Analytics

First of all you need to generate a custom tracking URL using Google’s URL Builder. Follow the instructions and fill out all of the required fields.

Make sure that you already have the code snippet in your website’s URL which will be tracking traffic from AdWords.


You should get something like this

Using Bing Ads Editor insert the code snippet at the end of each destination URL: /?utm_source=Bing%2B&utm_medium=AdGroupName&utm_campaign=Campaign

You can replace “Campaign” with the real name of Campaign and “AdGroupName” with the real ad group name, so you can know exactly what ads customers clicked on.

Use the “replace” button in order to change the URL in all of the selected ads. 


If you want some of the campaigns represented in Bing Ads as they are in Google AdWords, it’s even easier to tag the ads.

All you have to do is click “Import from Google” in Bing Ads Editor


Log in into your Google account.

Then select the campaigns you want to import and either insert the code at the end of each destination URL


Or replace it entirely by adding it like this:

Also make sure to note that you are using a URL with http:// or without because those are recognized differently. 


Once you follow these steps you should be able to easily track traffic from Bing in Google Analytics.  Tracking this traffic will allow you to make the necessary adjustments you need to make in order to get more traffic to your site from the Bing search engine and improve your overall ROI.

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