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 THE INVESTMENT-RETURN RELATIONSHIP – Things happen in a sequence: Investment, Action, Reaction, Non-Financial Impact, and Financial Impact.  Non-Financial impact is not ROI.  Remember the equation of ROI is  Gain from Investment $ – Cost of Investment $ / Cost of Investment $

Non Financial Impact = Potential

PROOF  of Financial Impact 

What Does Year Over Year – YOY Mean?
A method of evaluating two or more measured events to compare the results at one time period with those from another time period (or series of time periods), on an annualized basis. Year-over-year comparisons are a popular way to evaluate the performance of investments. Any measurable events that recur annually can be compared on a year-over-year basis – from annual performance, to quarterly performance, to daily performance.

Allocating resources where we can make money 


Increased Site Traffic 

Increased Brand Awareness 

Stronger Relationship with Customers & Clients 

ROI Benefits

Cost Reduction

Revenue Generator 

Where to cut budget? Outbound marketing E.g. Mailings, Outbound Cold Calling, etc 


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