Social Media Marketing: Why Should Your Business Use Facebook

By May 2, 2012Social Media

Are you looking to reach out to your target audience?, Are people talking about your business, product or service on Facebook-for-Business (250x250)Facebook?

For the majority of business owners the answer to these questions is YES and the likelihood that their target market is on Facebook is… wait, let me take a quick look at Facebook’s over 900 million registered users.

But don’t take our word it. Follow these easy steps and find out how many potential customers for your business are currently on Facebook by using this handy free tool.   It’ll take you a minute. We’ll wait.

Pretty cool, huh? OK, keep reading…

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Facebook

#1 MANAGE your brand: People are talking and sharing their thoughts online, and if you’re not responding when they are talking about your business, you simply no longer manage your brand.   

#2 IMPROVE your business: Having a presence on Facebook puts you where the conversations are happening. Facebook is fast becoming the preferred communication channel for an ever growing number of people, some of whom are potential customers. By making yourself available and able to proactively respond to positive and negative feedback, customer complaints, suggestions or questions in (near) real time, you will learn more about your business and take what you learn to make your product or service even better.

#3 BUILD relationships: If you take the time to listen and credibly engage with your audience, Facebook will enable you to establish deeper relationships with your customers by sharing your successes, community initiatives and behind the scenes business activity.  Sharing more of your business will bring your customers closer to it, which will create loyalty and brand champions who will defend your brand in moments of crisis.

#4 MARKET effectively: Facebook is a great platform to keep customers up to date about any special promotions, offers, contests and activities. Bringing new customers to your brand can be as – and in some cases more – effective as promotion through “traditional” channels, all at a fraction of the cost.  (And I think you should consider pulling the plug on your direct mail marketing effort, because to be perfectly honest, at my house most marketing mail goes straight to the garbage.)

#5 INCREASE awareness: Facebook is all about engagement, and if you can accomplish that, the platform will promote your business for free automatically.  Well, not REALLY free. You get out of it what you put into it, like anything else in life. If you take the time to keep you page updated with fresh and interesting information, credibly and transparently engage with your audience, then it will happen.

Let me explain:

When people like your page or like, comment, or share in one of your posts, a story is created in their feeds sharing their activity with their network.  This creates an extended reach effect on Facebook which automates the word of mouth effect about your business. 

*Unless they tweaked their privacy settings, but most people don’t bother to do that.

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