Social Media Marketing: Why Should Your Business Use Twitter

By April 27, 2012Social Media

Attention span has never been shorter…and Twitter is a micro blogging social media platform with a 140 Social-Media-Marketing-Business-Twittercharacter limit that has now over 140 million users because of it!  Because people use Twitter to discover and share new information, and participate in real-time conversations, it has become an effective channel in social media marketing.

Why should you use Twitter for social media marketing your business?

With over 340 million messages per day, chances are there is already a conversation about your business, product or service happening on Twitter.

In one sentence, Twitter is a FREE resource for your business to GAIN market intelligence and insights, BUILD relationships with people who care about your company, product, or service, and MANAGE the reputation of your brand.  It’s perfect for social media marketing. It’s no wonder why 62% of Fortune 500 companies have an active corporate Twitter account.

Why you should start using Twitter now?

You should start using Twitter to stay competitive.  Below are three ways businesses are already taking advantage of Twitter:

  1. BUILD brand awareness: Twitter can help you get your brand into the mind of customers by participating whenever and wherever you can add value to the many real-time conversations happening on this fast-paces network.
  2. IMPROVE customer service: Some businesses are using Twitter to react promptly to their customers asking for help on the social media platform as some prefer to reach out this way for faster assistance. 
  3. DRIVE traffic: Twitter has proven to be a top referral source for many publishers. Guy Kawasaki even calls Twitter the linking economy, Twitter can generate leads and drive new sales for your business by sharing interesting content.

Like investment in any social media marketing channel, reaching the full potential of Twitter requires a long term commitment of time and resources and a clear understanding of your business objectives.  

If you still don’t get this Twitter thing, getting professional assistance in social media marketing can help you save money and resources to make the most of Twitter to grow your business. 

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