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By April 18, 2014Social Media

What are the attributes of a good friend? They give more than they take in a relationship. They’re helpful. They offer to help you move with only the promise of some pizza and maybe a cold beer when you’re done. They are entertaining and playful. You don’t go out of your way to make plans with your boring and personality deprived “friends”. They have an overall positive outlook on life. They have opinions.

Well it shouldn’t take a degree in quantum physics to understand that if you display these attributes online, people will be more likely to follow you and interact.

Lots of marketing folks are talking about brands being “authentic”. I think people are smart enough to know that businesses don’t have personalities. But the folks who work there do. This being the internet, I’ve decided to put this into a list. The internet loves lists.

1) Write an amazing, original blog post that will make your audience beg for more.

2) Post the original content on Google channels, Google Plus for text and images, Youtube for video content.

3) Use other social media channels to amplify the reach of that content using the appropriate voice for each channel.

4) WARNING! This step is not for beginners! If you think you can handle the first two steps, try this one. Create unique content for all of these social channels and limit what you share on each one. This gives people a reason to follow you (they’re following you! Not your company!) across the social media landscape. It’s sort of lame when someone you follow on Twitter and Facebook post the exact same content with the exact same comments. We can all do better.

Overview of the Primary Social Media Channels

Twitter: (Almost) Anything goes. Twitter is basically being at the bar with your friends after work. People want to have fun on twitter. A lot of them (me) also get their news through twitter. So you better either be funny or informative. If you’re boring you shouldn’t even bother.

Facebook: The Family Reunion. You want this to be appropriate for all ages. Your job is to make your aunt laugh of say “awwwwwwwwww, that’s supes adorable” instead of cringing.

LinkedIn: Crap, the boss is watching. Not the place for pictures of kitties or jokes about the President. Keep it classy folks. Buttoned down. This is the best place to be helpful and share useful content. Youtube is also a create place to post helpful content

Google Plus: Who cares, no is listening. Just kidding. While G+ doesn’t have a ton of active users, there are some very good reasons to post your blog and other content on the site. Well one good reason. Google has been including “social signals” in its search algorithm for some unknown period of time. Surprising a grant total of no one, Google seems to be valuing +1’s (the Google Plus equivalent of a Facebook “like”) over the signals from other social media platforms.

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