Salesforce Ends AdWords Integration … Now What?

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Salesforce announced May 1st that they will no longer integrate with AdWords. In their announcement they suggested that advertisers turn to one of their partners that are working on solutions to integrate Salesforce with AdWords. Below the list they provided, they also included a disclaimer, making sure it was clear that those references were not equivalent to an endorsement or affiliation or guarantee that they’ll actually work. OK, so now what? Since many of our clients have relied on the Salesforce and AdWords integration, we thought we would gather some reviews on the solutions that are being recommended the most and see how they compare.  

Salesforce Alternatives reviews from Salesforce:  

Bizible –

With this tool you can have easy multi-channel tracking so you can see the exact source a lead came from.  Because Bizible integrates with AdWords you can attach that AdWords data to leads and opportunities in the tool.  Easy reporting allows for easy access to viewing campaign structures at a glance, and easy migration means you can automatically move your data at no extra charge.  The setup is easy and the pricing is low risk as it is calculated per matched leads per month.  

Pardot –

This solution comes with an “AdWords Connector” that is designed to simplify the flow between AdWords, Pardot and your CRM system.  Other Pardot AdWords capabilities include:

  • AdWords ROI Pardot: calculate cost per vetted prospect, cost per opportunity, cost per sale, and marketing ROI, gives you useful feedback to boost the bottom line
  • AdWords Info and Salesforce Lead Records: enhanced reporting with Google AdWords connector by synching your AdWords account and tracking prospects that reach you through paid search
  • Pardot AdWords Reports in Salesforce: robust reporting by synching your AdWords campaigns and your Salesforce account, easy access to referral data , the social tactics that converted them, and natural search analytics

They also offer a FREE test drive.  

Marketo –

With Marketo you can track all prospect interactions online, including known and unknown visitors, identify which companies are coming to your site (even if they don’t fill out a lead gen form), and it automatically alerts sales reps of any new activity from their prospects. Marketo also allows you to:

  • Create deeper customer profiles by tracking online activity, even before prospects register
  • Know the true lead source that caused a prospect to find your website in the first place, such as Google AdWords (not just what caused them to register)

Also anyone can Register for a FREE demo.  

CloudAmp –

Depending on what capabilities and information you require from a Salesforce alternative, CloudAmp may be your best bet as it’s easy to install (no extra charges), it’s inexpensive compared to competitors (at $49/month) and it:

  • Tracks Google AdWords results into Salesforce leads
  • Works with any online advertising via campaign tags
  • Includes Organic Search, Referrals, Direct tracking

Daddy Analytics –

Daddy Analytics is being marketed as “a complete replacement for Salesforce for Google AdWords”.  Daddy Analytics:

  • Also works with organic Google search, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Works with social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Unlimited Web-to-Lead forms on a single web page, or multiple web pages, or even multiple web sites
  • Unlimited leads coming in each day

Costs: $75 per organization per month which includes 3 Super Users who get additional features (in depth information for leads’ on-site behavior).  

HubSpot –

If your site is content heavy and you are often updating it with fresh and unique content, then HubSpot may be what you’re looking for.  With HubSpot you can:

  • Attract high-quality leads with blogs, social media, and search
  • Nurture sales prospects with the right content at the right time
  • Measure it all
  • Pricing starting at $600/month per company

Salesforce Alternatives reviews that Integrate with AdWords from elsewhere online:  

We also spent sometime looking elsewhere online for reviews and information about other Salesforce alternatives.  Here we’ve compiled the capabilities of the three that seemed to have the highest number of users/reviewers.  

Work[etc] –

  • Immediate conversion of leads into projects/quotes/invoices
  • Built in email marketing
  • Ability to share and assign leads
  • Good collaboration capabilities
  • Product catalog
  • Customer portal access and collaboration
  • Costs: $195/month (but there are no contracts, you can leave when you want)

SugarCRM –

  • 360-Degree Customer Activity History – to help you sell proactively
  • Expert collaboration capabilities
  • Social selling through social media networks
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Real-time Pipeline Management
  • Workflow and approvals settings
  • Email, Calendar, and File Management: integration of Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and IMAP based email servers, and more
  • Sales Analytics – reporting and dashboards provide you with real-time information about sales
  • Sales Intelligence – get the most up to date info on customers and prospects with account and contact data from other business data providers using the Sugar Cloud Connectors.
  • Predictable, Accurate Forecasting
  • CRM Platform – configure to fit your sales process

 Pipedrive –

  • Clear overview of sales pipeline at all times
  • Clear reporting and tracking
  • Tracks sales goals – see results in real-time
  • Customize interface
  • Mobile apps
  • Google apps integration (including Google Maps integration)
  • Email tracking
  • Multi-language and multi-currency: available in 6 languages, and all major currencies
  • Simple data import and export: import from spreadsheet or other CRM; export data whenever you need

Ultimately whatever alternative you end up choosing will be at least somewhat dependent on the business and your needs as a marketer.  Leave us a comment if you’ve tried any of these and tell us what your experience has been! 

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