Are You Retargeting Across Platforms?

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Many people are encouraging retargeting (or remarketing) across platforms and devices.  However, there isn’t a way to connect different devices to the same person.  This might seem self-explanatory, but it can be confusing.

By doing separate retargeting campaigns on each of the different types of devices or platforms (computer, mobile, social), we’re assuming if someone is interested in your website on their computer, they’ll also be looking at your website on their mobile device.  You retarget to them on their computer and you retarget to them on their mobile, which results in retargeting across devices.

In order to get started retargeting across platforms and devices, we need to understand what the options are:

Site/Search/Mobile Retargeting – You must partner with a network who will generate a code for you to place on all pages of your website.  This code can sometimes be the same for computers and mobile or you’ll have to get a separate code for each type of device.  If you want to serve different retargeted ads based on what pages were viewed, you’ll need to have individual code on those specific pages.  Then, you can put your retargeted audiences into a variety of groups based on the ads you want them to see.

Email Retargeting – You can use the same code generated by your network partner (or some other specific code) and place it in the emails you send out to your database.  After someone opens that email, they will see retargeted ads when they visit sites within the purchased network.

Social Media Retargeting – You have to partner with a network that includes FBX (for Facebook), Twitter and/or LinkedIn, dependent upon whatever social platform you want included in your retargeting.  Again, the network will generate a code for you to place on your actual company website and/or on your company social media page.  Once someone views your website or social media page, they will then be retargeted with your ads when they logon to Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

If you do all of the above, you’ll be retargeting across devices and platforms.  This will help to ensure you achieve a high frequency amongst people who have expressed interest in your company.  In turn, this will push them closer to a purchasing decision or direct engagement.  Before initiating retargeting, your website should be optimized to gain the most traffic possible.  This also means running other non-retargeting campaigns to drive visitors to your site.  Retargeting doesn’t work as a standalone if you aren’t already driving traffic to your site via other methods.

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