PPC Quick Tip – Test Ad Copy for Improved ROI

By August 14, 2009The D-Blog

ABT – Always Be Testing

ABT is requirement for all digital marketing. If you want to improve you need to test. Pay Per Click is an ideal low cost test platform. I typically see two opposing methods of running ad copy; only having one ad running per ad group or having too many. Ultimately it depends on the conversion volume your campaigns drive but at minimum run two ads simultaneously.

In your campaign settings select ads to rotate evenly. Do not set to optimize if you’ve not tested previously. Google optimizes on the click through rate (CTR) not conversions. Clicks earn Google money, conversions earn you money. When you know what an acceptable cost per acquisition is and your program predictably hits it, then have the better ad served more frequently.

Develop ad copy that is closely aligned with the keyword theme in your ad group, but test different ideas. For example if you run an ecommerce program test free shipping versus a percentage off. If you have a lead generation program, test different types of offers.

Over time a winning ad will emerge. Now remember, the time it takes will vary depending on the volume of conversions your program drives. To be statistically significant you should have a minimum of 30 conversions for each ad variation.

When the winning ad has been determined it’s time to kick back and relax, right? NO! It’s time to develop new ad copy to challenge the current champ. Testing ad copy should be a continuous effort in your PPC management routine.

Developing good test habits is vital to optimizing your program over time. Small incremental improvements lead to large jumps in ROI.

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