7 Online Content Trends to Expect in 2014

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With it being a brand new year, it’s a good time to take a look ahead and preview what are likely to be some of the biggest online content trends for 2014. Many of these online content trends saw their roots planted in 2013, and they will grow to new levels as the new year progresses.

Industry experts have come to a general consensus that the following online content trends will play major roles this year:


1. A content-first approach.

Gone are the days of creating a template with boring design and plugging in cookie cutter content. Content is truly king in 2014, especially after Google’s 2013 updates of its search algorithm. The algorithm, called Penguin, puts much greater emphasis on the quality of the content, which forces designers and developers alike to put much more effort into what they create.

2. Flat design. 

With its release of iOS7, Apple introduced a much broader audience to the idea of flat design. Drop shadows, gradients and many other design elements have been eliminated to provide a sleeker, more functional look in the operating system, and you can expect many other developers to pick up on this type of format in 2014.

3. Greater focus on mobile. 

This goes for both design and content creation. With the percentage of web traffic coming from mobile devices constantly increasing, expect to see more sites geared toward mobile users. This could include developing content that is more easily digestible from these devices, or using new features or apps to cater specifically to mobile users. This also includes a much greater focus on responsive design.

4. Videos, not text. 

Why give your audience something to read when you can give them a complete audio/visual experience about your brand? Text ads on websites are quickly becoming a thing of the past. More people are creating video advertisements to use, particularly on social media sites. Facebook recently performed an overhaul of its video ad system, which now features video ads that autoplay on mute. These changes will impact the way that people create their video ads.

5. Simplified content. 

Attention spans for online users have become shorter and shorter, which means that advertising content will have to compensate for that. Expect designers and content developers to use fewer words than ever before on most web pages (except blog posts). This makes it easier for users that like to quickly scan pages to get the information they need.

6. Instagram-esque image manipulation. 

Instagram has made it simple for anyone with a smart phone to quickly edit their photos with filters and overlays. Expect to see this trend extend to major brands, who will manipulate photos in manners that make them fit in better with their own brand image.

7. Technology. 

CSS3 will still likely be the most common script used for web development, but HTML5 and JavaScript will play major roles as well.

What online content trends do you expect to see in 2014?  Did we leave any out?  Did any of these trends surprise you? 

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