Integrated Digital Marketing Program Workflow [Infographic]

By July 23, 2013The D-Blog

Depending on the size of your digital marketing program it can include many seemingly separate parts that can be hard to keep track of if you’re not familiar with the process and workflow of certain digital marketing tactics.  And so, we’ve put together this infographic to illustrate how the different aspects of digital marketing (web development, SEO, PPC, etc.) fit together to form a cohesive and comprehensive digital marketing program. 

From sales to maintenance this guide is a great way to visualize the steps your digital marketing team takes to setup and maintain your digital marketing program.  Understanding how web development, SEO, and PPC all integrate together to form a digital strategy can help you determine whether or not your digital marketing program is on the right path.  


We hope this guide is useful and that you will use this infographic to help manage your digital marketing team, no matter the size of your digital marketing program.

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