How To Set Up and Use Your Facebook Page’s News Feed

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Many businesses today know that getting a Facebook Page is one of the first steps to get on the social media train.  Admins regularly post content and monitor for fan comments but there is one tool that sometimes gets missed, and that is the Facebook Page’s News Feed.  Just like the News Feed on your Facebook profile where you get your friends’ updates, you can set one up for your Facebook Page to stay in touch and engage with your industry, customers or clients. 

Step 1

First you need to make sure that you are using Facebook as your business’ Page.  Click on the “Account” tab and then in the sub-menu click on “Use Facebook as Page”.

Step 2

In the Use Facebook as Page pop-up window, find the page that you want to use “Facebook as” and then click on the “Switch” button (if you click on the name, it’s just going to send you to the page without making the switch). 

Step 3

One way you can check if the switch was made successfully is by going back to the “Account” tab and see if your Page’s avatar shows up in the top of the sub-menu with the option to switch back to your personal profile below. 

Step 4

OK, now that you’re using Facebook as a Page, if you click on the “Home” tab you will have access to your Page’s News Feed.  This News Feed will include posts from other Pages that you have Liked on Facebook using Facebook as a Page. The News Feed is a great tool to keep in touch and engage with other Pages on Facebook that matter to you and your business.  If you don’t see anything in the News Feed it is probably because you haven’t Liked other Pages on Facebook (yet). Also note that when you Like another page using Facebook as Page, their Like counter will not increase because the counter only tracks Likes by Facebook profiles (individuals).  However, the Page Admin will still get a notification that you have Liked their Page and if they may Like your Page in return. 


Now that you know how to take advantage of your Facebook Page’s News Feed, go on and start Liking (subscribing) to your industry’s favorite Pages on Facebook.   

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