How to Get People Talking About You: An Interview with Andy Karuza

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How to get others talking about you, your business, your product, or your service?  Word of mouth can give you social proof. 

Social proof will make you a likeable candidate to talk to or do business with; and this is exactly how I learned about a young entrepreneur here in Seattle and CEO of, Andy Karuza.

Meet Andy Karuza

People talk about him, share his content and engage with him.  We are talking Facebook, Twitter and on the ground in networking events. 

His new startup, officially launching in early 2012, is a marketing platform in development that promises to change the advertising relationship between brands and their customers. 

Andy has worked with many clients including well known brands like Microsoft, Google, Ducati and more.  As Director of Marketing at Seattle Fashion Week, Andy helped generate many conversations for the event helping it rank in the number one spot in search engine results for several years under “Seattle Fashion” by fostering organic word-of-mouth. 

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Andy to ask him more about what he does and how he does it.  Enjoy!

Video Interview with Andy Karuza

In our video interview Andy shared with us:

  • How he got started in social media
  • His strategy for the content he produces and shares 
  • How to generate word of mouth
  • Andy’s startup company 

Find Andy Online 

You can find Andy Karuza online on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.   

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