How to Crosspost Your Blog Content to Social Media Sites

By August 6, 2012Social Media

Once you’ve finished writing and publishing a blog post to your blog, you’ll want to share it with as crosspost-buttonmany of your readers as possible.  That’s where we recommend you crosspost that content to all of your social media channels. Distribution of content via social media is one of the best ways to engage with your audience attract visitors to your website and help your search engine optimization efforts all at the same time. But this redistribution or crossposting of content takes time. Lately some social networks have taken it upon themselves to make it easier for their users to share and re-post content on other social media networks to other networks the users may subcribe to. One such example is Tumblr, which allows its users to autopost to Facebook.  

Autoposting or automated crossposting is a nice-to-have feature when (like us) you’re chock full of good content to share, but could use some time-saving shortcuts to distribute it to your followers. There are a few online services you can use to automatically post blog posts to your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Here are our favorite 3:

1. Posterous: Lets subscribers update all of their social media sites from their email account.  

Using the Posterous site you can connect and manage all of your channels, track updates, and filter which sites get updated with content.

When you want to post new content all you have to do is send an email like this and that content will be posted to all of your connected networks.  To filter which sites your content is posted to your email should instead look like or

2. Seesmic Ping: Enables users to access social networks from their desktop or mobile app.  

Seesmic Ping, once known as, is a free service (recently added new paid plan options) allows you to post to your blog as well as your social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn) all at the same time.  

From the dashboard you can post to multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts or pages.  Schedule when posts will go live. And once you create a message in the dashboard and “Ping” it, within seconds that content will show up in all of your social media networks.

3. Hootsuite: This popular service makes it easy for users to organize and manage their social networks as well as easily crosspost content.

Hootsuite has a large app directory from which you can add your social media accounts.  Using Hootsuite you can crosspost to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ pages/accounts, Foursquare and many more other applications/platforms.

Access Hootsuite’s dashboard from your computer or mobile device.  From this dashboard you can track and measure metrics having to do with the engagement, analytics, and collaboration of all of your social media networks.

 And there you have it, our 3 favorite ways for crossposting blog content to social media networks. If you use any similar time-saving tools that you think we should try and review here, please share with us. We’re always eager to try something new.

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