Google+ Local Pages Vs Google+ Pages

By July 25, 2012Social Media

Is the title confusing? Well it doesn’t get any less confusing than that which is why I’m writing this post.  This article explains the difference between Google+ Local Pages and Google+ Pages in Google+.

About Google+ Local Pages Listings 

Google Places business listings were recently migrated to Google+ under a tab called ‘Local’ which is why the name is Google+ Local.  Below is a screenshot of our Google+ Local listing.


Note the popup window that says ‘Page’ above.  The reason for this is that Google may at some point be merging their Google+ Local listings with their Google+ Pages which is why the tag ‘Page’ is also on their Google+ Local listings.

About Google+ Pages 

Now in the other side Google+ Pages is Google’s version of Facebook Pages.  Below is a screenshot of our Google+ Page.  Note that there is also a tag here that says ‘Page’ which is why some are getting confused about these two different types of Pages in Google+. 


What You Need To Understand

Google+ Pages and Google+ Local Pages are two different Google products.  At this point is easier to simply keep thinking of Google+ Local Pages as Google business listings.

If this is still confusing leave a comment below haha.  


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