Brave New AdWords: Google Announces Enhanced Campaigns

By February 7, 2013PPC

When last Thursday I had lunch with a friend at Google AdWords and she hinted that there would begoogle-adwords-enhanced-campaigns a big announcement coming from Google AdWords “very soon”, I got all excited. She said the coming change would be as much of a shift as when Google AdWords switched from CPM to CPC in Search. That would be big. She suggested I pay close attention to the Google “Inside AdWords” blog. I did.

She was not bluffing. At noon on February 6th the big announcement was made on the blog. The introduction of what Google has dubbed “Enhanced Campaigns” would enable advertisers to manage their ads on multiple technology platforms, view multiple types of conversions side by side, all from a central interface. All this control would allow a business to precisely target a potential customer with the right message, in a format matched to the right device based on dimensions such as time, place and the searcher’s physical proximity to the business location.

Google chose to call out 3 key features of the platform:

  1. The ability to precisely match ad formats to multiple platforms and devices, adjust bids based on device type, searcher location, time of day and much more.
  2. Smart ads optimized to match the searcher context and device, automatically. So, for example, the ad shown to someone looking for a 24-hour locksmith on their smartphone at midnight will see an ad in right format, with the right content (e.g. telephone number, hours of operation), sitelink (nearest shop location), etc.
  3. But the feature that gets conversion geeks like me most excited is the promise of being able to see multiple types of conversions, be it calls, downloads, form submits and the like side by side in one report, enabling advertisers to compare the value of various types of conversions without having to try to tease the data out of AdWords and Google Analytics.

And the beauty is that all this power will now be managed in the same campaign.

Google understands that this transition will require an adjustment and along with the new tools is rolling out a battery of resources to help advertisers transition smoothly.

The enhanced campaigns features will be rolled out over the next few weeks, with a complete transition planned for mid-year.

Recommended Google resources for the transition to enhanced campaigns:

We’ll be reporting back from the field and posting regular updates, sharing details and providing commentary and analysis on the impact of the roll out here in our blog.

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