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By July 24, 2012Analytics

Most web developers, advertisers, and webmasters use Google Analytics in order to better track how changes google-analytics-mobilethey make to their site directly affect conversion rates.  With an ever increasing mobile workplace it was only a matter of time before Google Analytics went mobile.  

That time is now.  This new app allows users to finally access their Google Analytics account through their mobile devices.  The same analytics users have always been able to access from their desktops has now been optimized for Android and iOS-based smartphones.

What’s New in Google Analytics?

The new app will not only allow users to be mobile, but there are also a few new features that were not available in Google Analytics before.  Here are the top three changes:

1.  Ability to Measure Metrics at All Stages

With this new mobile app users will be able to track and measure their entire relationship with a client.  From acquisition metrics (new/active user), to engagement metrics (visitor flow, loyalty, and app crashes), and finally to outcome metrics (goal conversions and in-app purchases).

2. New Intelligence Alert Widgets

These widgets will make it easier for users to spot changes on their site.  Users used to have to click on the “Intelligence” tab in order to see alerts.  Now automatic and custom alerts are located in the Dashboard in atimeline graph.  So that users are able to easily spot changes by amount of alerts on the graph and when those alerts occurred.

Now when a users spots a change in alerts on their site (by a spike in number of) and they would like more information, they can click directly on the widget and be taken to corresponding reports.

3. Addition of Browser-Size Analysis

Google has found that conversion rates largely depend on what visitors can and cannot see when they visit a website.  This new feature allows users to see what portions of their web page are viewable and to what percentage of their visitors.

So what do you think?  Is this an app you think you will be downloading?

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