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By July 16, 2011SEO, Social Media

Alonso Chehade on Google +

I usually start my day here at Confluence looking at my feeds to keep up with the Digital Marketing industry and lately Google+ has been the buzz of the web.  Everybody is is talking about it, evaluating it and comparing it to Facebook (of course) and I just couldn’t resist joining the conversation. I have been checking out the new social platform for about a week now so I thought I’d share my thoughts and some soundbytes from influencers in our space.

Google+ a Significant Threat to Twitter

Peter Yard at the Web Trends Blog is the one who touched on this idea that Google+ could mean the end of Twitter.  Catching up with Facebook and its 750 million users would not be as feasible as with Twitter and its 21 million publishers.  This makes sense as even though Google+ looks a lot like Facebook, it has decided to follow the public path directly competing with Twitter as anyone can choose to add you to their circles on Google+ just like anyone can choose to follow you on Twitter without their approval unlike a Facebook  friend request which requires a reciprocal action.

Abandoning Facebook for Google+ 

Todd Wasserman wrote at Mashable about how some people are completely moving away from Facebook.  Some because they never really were able to use it to keep in touch with friends, or because their feeds became unmanageable.  (I wondered how much time they really spent on Facebook that they never found out that you can hide posts from individual users from your home feed to better keep in touch with close friends and family, and keep the feed more manageable.)

Hide all by _ on Facebook

Finally Filtered Sharing

In a conversation on Google+ with a friend of mine, she explained that her favorite Google+ feature was the ability to share some things with some people, but not all people thanks to Google+’s Circles feature.  Yes, I agree that it is a great feature, but how hard is it really for Facebook to replicate/add filtered sharing to their platform? After all Facebook already has Friends’ Lists, which are a lot like Google+ Circles.

Filtered Sharing on Google +

My Early Review

I have been reading more about Google+ than I have been using it since I got my account only a couple of days ago.  So far I haven’t seen anything that would make me want to switch from Facebook to Google+ but maybe I will end up using both only because of the added SEO benefit that Google+ may have over Facebook (integration with Google Analytics is surely just around the corner).  Now about Twitter, Google+ still has to deal with the fact that they are a late comer and that people have been spending years of time as well as money on building their following base on Twitter, and giving that up will take more than a better, cleaner platform.  My final thought is that I see Google+ for now like I see VIMEO vs. YouTube,  YouTube is still my preferred video broadcasting platform but I sometimes will push video content on VIMEO too as a secondary channel.

Missing anything? Let me know in the comments section and let’s continue adding to this exciting developing conversation.  One thing is for sure, more competition means better social networking coming soon!

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