How Businesses Could Benefit Big from Facebook Graph Search

By January 25, 2013Social Media

The other day the internet lit up with news that Facebook was testing a new “Graph Search” function that could mean big changes for Facebook and the rest of the Internet.  It’s always exciting when the tools and programs we use are updated and improved, but not all updates are necessarily improvements.  So what does this new Graph Search mean for business owners using Facebook?  We asked our social media guru of sorts Alonso Chehade what his thoughts were on the new Facebook Graph Search, and here is what he had to say:

Question: How does the new Facebook graph search compare to the Google search engine?

Answer: Facebook has something that Google doesn’t.  Facebook has social data of over 1 billion users, which is why the Facebook Graph Search is a huge move by the company.  The new feature is going to give Facebook users open access to finding, discovering and connecting with others through their friends and connections in the platform. 

Google has been trying to humanize the search experience with all its latest updates, but without all the social data that Facebook has accumulated, haven’t really been able to do what Facebook is now attempting to do! 

Question: How will Facebook’s Graph Search affect businesses using Facebook?

Answer: It could be the beginning of a new way to get found online.  If Facebook search graph is widely adopted, we are talking about that check-ins, page likes, and interactions would become key elements for a business social strategy to get found or discovered online.

For example, a user who would turn to the Facebook graph search to find a gym or an Italian restaurant near the area may type something like this:

  • Gyms near the area that my friends like 
  • Italian restaurant that my friends have been to in Seattle 

If that’s the case I would imagine that Graph Search algorithm would rank results based on the gym’s or restaurant’s Facebook Page with the most “page likes” by friends or friends of friends of the user, and with the most social interactions (likes, comments, shares).

Question: What do businesses need to do right now to capitalize on the new Facebook search function?

Answer: Now more than ever, it is very important that businesses get ready to stay competitive and visible online by:

– Establishing a presence on Facebook
– Investing resources to build and grow their social endorsements (page likes)
– Encouraging check-ins and social interactions to optimize their visibility online

We are all really just speculating how Facebook new graph search may impact businesses at the beginning stages of this new feature (like what Facebook’s new want button could mean). However, any new opportunities for businesses being found online should be taken seriously and explored.  We’ll keep you updated on how this turns out!

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