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By May 23, 2011PPC, SEO

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It seems that nearly every week a new Google AdWords function, social media platform enhancement or SEO technique gets added to the already complex digital marketer’s armamentarium. Overall I think that this frenzied evolution is a good thing for us and our clients. Better tools mean better targeting, better measurement, more data that we can use to optimize strategy to score better ROI. It’s all good. At the same time all this complexity is confusing and sometimes it’s hard to tell which new tool, technique or platform is a value add for your business vs. the “New Shiny” of the week.

Since this is our business, we often get questions about current best practices and “bottom line” guidelines for search engine optimization, paid search and other digital channels we cover. Since it’s part of our job to stay on top of the latest developments and evaluate new ideas and tools on a regular basis, we thought of ways to share what we learn efficiently.

While each application of best practices will ultimately be unique to each business or organization, there are some basic guidelines that constitute a starting point for all. Given that things change so fast in this space, we came up with the idea of packaging guidelines into a series of easily updatable expert Executive Briefs on a variety of digital marketing topics. The idea is to answer some of the most common questions in an easy to digest format. We didn’t think a 20 page white paper that would obsolete in 3-6 months was the best solution. (And besides, who has the time to read a 20 page white paper these days anyways?)

We decided to design our Executive Briefs to be short, sweet and to the point. Each will be no longer than 7 pages including text and illustrations, where appropriate. At this time 4 briefs are up on the website ready for download (including “Improving Visibility with Online Local Business Listings” shown here), but we plan to expand our library to include other “hot” topics and to update them on a regular basis so they remain current. We hope to get suggestions on topics to cover from readers of our blog, visitors to our website and current clients.

We hope that you find our Executive Briefs useful, and if you like them, please let us know and share with your network via social media channels or email.

If you’re looking for other useful digital marketing resources, like our free CLV Calculator, check out the growing Downloads section of our website.

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