Display Advertising Measured in GRP’s? Two Major Google Announcements

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Imagine being able to express your display advertising campaign reach in the same way you do your television campaigns…it’s coming soon!  Google and comScore recently announced their partnership to work together to provide their clients with gross rating points (GRP’s) for display advertising. 

This is all part of Google’s Brand Activate Initiative that they rolled out about a year ago.  The initiative is made up of solutions to issues marketers deal with when advertising online.  At that time, Google began working on what they needed to do in order to achieve/implement each solution.  The first two solutions Google presented were Active GRP and Active View.

Active Gross Rating Points (GRP’s) in Display Advertising

“Active GRP”:  percentage of the population reached rather than absolute numbers reached. 

GRP’s are the main form of measurement with offline media, especially TV and radio.  Right now with display advertising, we are able to show an overall number of impressions, which we use as reach (absolute number).  Soon, we’ll be able to show our reach as a percentage, so we’ll know, of the total audience available within our demographics, we’re reaching X percent. 

Additionally, we’ll be able to report on different demographic segments and adjust the campaign in real time.  Currently, we aren’t able to report on the demographic actuals of who we reached within the different segments we targeted on the front end of the campaign implementation.

Another benefit to GRP’s within display, will be that all networks’/sites’ demographic targeting will be measured the same.  Currently, the targeting to reach the same audience can be different, site to site, and there isn’t a way to roll it up together using the same measurement.

Last week, Google announced a collaboration with comScore, a company who provides internet marketing data and analytics (similar to Nielsen for TV), to establish GRP’s for digital display.  This week comScore also partnered with additional companies that are similar to Google, in order to help expedite and enhance reporting for its clients.

Active GRP’s are currently being tested and should roll out for use in the United States sometime toward the end of this year. 

By having GRP’s available for display, we’ll be able to compare apples to apples with TV and also combine reporting across different mediums.

Active View in Display Advertising

“Active View”: a display ad that is at least 50% viewable on the screen for one second (different settings for different computer screen sizes). 

As of a few weeks ago, this is now available to use for any display campaign!  This is something not even offered within the television industry and is something that industry would love to have, too. 

By using Active View (viewable impressions) within the Google Display Network, an advertiser will only pay for impressions that are seen by a viewer, as defined above. 

Hopefully with Google adopting this, more networks/sites will follow suit and this will become an industry standard.


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