Digital vs. Online vs. Interactive?

By June 6, 2009The D-Blog

We’re going to line up behind Digital. The “line” has been “on” for 40 plus years. Now of course as a marketing vehicle we can only go back to the early nineties. While everyone knows about AOL, who remembers Global Network Navigator and Spry’s Internet in a Box? I’m not trying to justify my credentials, I don’t need to, but I did have a fondness for tapping into government databases using Archie and Veronica way back in the day to see what was going on.

I’m getting off track. The point is that “online” is no longer relevant. Are you on a line when accessing email through your mobile? On the network, yes but not physically connected. Heck I just found out that Wikipedia redirects “online media” to “digital media.” Ha – validation! Interactive is an interesting term but not all digital distributed media is interactive.

Confluence Digital will focus on enabling clients to leverage the convergence of multiple digital information streams. Now that offers a lot of potential areas to play but we’ve got to keep a focus. For the near term we’ll emphasize solutions in the digital media space delivered via web based browser on computer or mobile device.

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