Dale Carnegie and 6 Ways to Make People Like and Share Your Content

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If you’re wondering how long has the best selling American author Dale Carnegie been offering tips on content marketing, the answer is never – or at least never directly.  However, he did have great tips on how to make people like you.  

As a lifelong Dale Carnegie fan and follower of his advice, I learned that in most social situations when people like you they will talk to you and they will talk about you just like when they don’t like you. But what about the neutrals, you wonder? 

Well, this is exactly where the majority of marketers who have trouble producing engaging content are stuck, with most of their content perceived as digital background noise.

In Dale Carnegie’s bestselling book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” he teaches 6 ways to make people like you, which I insipired me to apply it to creating the following 6 ways to make readers like and share your content.

#1 Become genuinely interested in other people

Yes stalking and analyzing their website and social media profiles is a good way to learn about your audience.  However on a more personal level,  if you’re truly “genuinely interested” in someone, you will probably try to meet them in person at some point and engage with their content online.  

You would follow them on social media, comment on their blog, sent them a message of appreciation, and keep in touch with them in a place where you can closely monitor their activity to interact with them whenever something they pushed online calls your attention. 

That’s why this is not a task you can just check, but an art that must be embraced until you become someone who is truly passionate about learning about other people.  

Now, how does this apply to you when creating content? Simple, the best way to be interesting is by being interested in others, and your content should reflect that when you create it by adding other people’s thoughts to your content, preferably of those people you have engaged with in the past and continue engaging whenever you can.   

#2 Smile

What happens most of the time when you smile at someone?  Most likely they will smile back at you, or at least most of the times.  One way to accomplish this through your content where body language is most of the time absent unless you’re using visual media is by using humor. 

Humor like other forms of “digital body language” is a great way to make your articles fun to read and where even the right image will make them more approachable to click on.  However please don’t overuse it.

Relevant Link:  5 Tips for Using Humor in Your Social Media Activities by Jason Miller, social media marketing manager at Zoomerang. 

#3 Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language

This tip is pretty straight forward.  Whenever you can, remember to include people’s name when you message, reply, or quote them in your content.  Most people welcome recognition. 

#4 Be a good listener – encourage others to talk about themselves

Take the time to learn about what your audience is talking about, and using that as a reference point enhance the conversation with great questions.  

Questions have specially proven to be a great way to get others engaged. Why? Because they call for an answer, and the right (interesting) question can attract many of them.  

Think of this as you finish creating your content, but please unless you have a great question don’t just ask for asking purposes but because you truly want to know what your audience has to say.  That attitude will help you craft a great question! 

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#5 Talk in terms of the other person’s interest

Well, this one is an easy one, the reason I created this article is because I learned through LinkedIn that someone’s biggest content marketing challenge was getting their content shared.  Without trying to sell anything but simply providing someone ideas to change their attitude toward getting their posts shared, the purpose here is to start a new relationship online based on what they are interested in.  I think we often forget, including myself on this one, that the best way to get your content shared is by being passionate about it and with the communities who could be interested in it.  

#6 Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely

In addition to making sure that you remember to use people’s names whenever you can as mentioned in tip #3, following all the tips mentioned above will help you start making people feel important.  Why? Because your actions will indicate that you are interested enough in what they have to say to engage with them. For example, you have a smile in your content either through humor or great media, you are always being helpful providing your audience something of value to them, and because you do it sincerely. 

Relevant Link: 9 Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Shared on Social Networks: New Research by Phil Mershon, director of events for Social Media Examiner.


Now to follow up on my own tip #4, I really want to know what are some steps you’re going to take to make your content shared after reading this? 

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