Content Marketing Solutions: Are You Reusing Your Blog Content?


Producing enough content is a big challenge in content marketing.  Re-purposing your existing content is a great way to save time and energy.

In this post you will find ideas for ways you can give new life to the high-value content you have already created to make the most of your content marketing.

Content Marketing Solution 1: eBooks

Compile your favorite or most popular posts into short-but-useful eBooks in formats that can be accessed by people on their laptops, or on the move, on mobile devices or Book readers to read. 

This format can also be easily used as an offer for lead generation purposes.  Keep this in mind and plan your blog posts towards an eBook to leverage your content marketing efforts. 

Here is an example on how Confluence Digital founder, Eric Layland, wrote a three-part series of blog posts and then compiled that content into an eBook:

5 Must-Do Tips for Awesome PPC Results in Q4 | 5 More Tips for Improving Q4 Performance for Online Retailers | Final 5 Tips for Improving Q4 Performance for Online Retailers | FREE eBook – 15 Tips for eCommerce PPC

Content Marketing Solution 2: Podcast & Video

Re-use your existing material by reading it into a microphone to record and submit speech audio in podcast directories. 

If you feel comfortable in front of a camera, video is another great format you can take advantage of to re-distribute your content to audiences on channels such as YouTube.

Content Marketing Solution 3: Slide-Shows & Presentations

You can also go the other way, and repurpose a great video interview as a post or deck on Slideshare.  You can always also simply create a slideshow and add narration and/or music. 

Here is an example of how I re-used a video interview with an expert to write a blog post:
5 Key Social Networking Tips for Business by Sasha O’Leary

Content Marketing Solution 4: How To’s & Guides

Articles such as “How To” lists, “Top 5” lists and “Thing to Avoid” lists are ideal to re-distribute as cheat sheets.  These can be shared individually or packaged as an offering of higher value.

Here is an example of how I used one of my blog posts to create a cheat sheet:
What is inbound Marketing? 4 Important Steps for Success | FREE Download – Blog Post SEO Cheat Sheet 

These are my favorite formats for reusing valuable content that already exists.  However there are many other ways you may want to experiment with to capture your target audience.

I now pass it on to you.  How will you be reusing your blog content? 

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