Confluence Digital Welcomes Paulina! We’re Glad to Meet You!

By February 5, 2013The D-Blog

Summer 2012 was unlike any other in my 20 years in Seattle. With the exception of a 14 minute Confluence-Digital-Welcomes-Paulinasummer shower, we would have had something in the neighborhood of 70+ days in a row without precipitation. It was on one of those brilliant sunny days in August that I went for a lunch time stroll in Confluence’s Fremont neighborhood. I expected to get lunch. I didn’t expect to get a child.

On the corner of 35th and Fremont Avenue I was approached by a young woman who began asking me a series of questions of which I don’t remember except the last, “would you be interested in saving a child’s life today?” Even though I’m a non-breeder by choice and sometimes a little snarky that was a question was going to be difficult to brush off.  So I didn’t.

Saturday February 3rd was Paulina’s 8th birthday. She lives in a village outside Legaspi, Philippines with her family that includes father Orlando, mother Rena, sister Olyn and brother John Laurenz. As a company we’re sponsoring Paulina and her family through Children International. She won’t see this message but I hope someday we’ll connect. Most likely be via a social media channel although her village doesn’t currently have electricity. Paulina reminds of what we have and how sharing returns more than it takes.

I encourage other small companies like ours and teams within larger organizations to help others. I haven’t personally been the most charitable minded person in the past and want to change. Confluence Digital is just getting started in building our company culture and giving back will be a fundamental element. For those interested, Charity Navigator can help you find organizations that align with your interest and which are more effective at helping those they claim to. 

So please welcome Paulina to the Confluence Digital team.

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