Confluence Digital Turns 5 Years Old!

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In 2008 Confluence Digital’s founder, Eric Layland, was looking to start his own digital marketing agency.  He’d had success starting and running another digital marketing company with over $30 million in annual managed PPC spend. But in 2008 he found himself again wanting to start a new company, this time a different kind of company.  Confluence Digital, LLC  received its business license from the City of Seattle in June of 2009. In August of that year Eric was introduced to Dorota Umeno and a few uncompensated months later she became Eric’s business partner. “We began picking up clients and challenging ourselves to build a company of team members and clients that reflected the values we held for ourselves: hard work, dedication, do-what-it-takes, constant learning and loyalty to each other and the team.” – Eric Layland

Confluence Digital is continuing on that journey today.  As the needs of our clients have evolved so have we. With beginnings as “just another search agency” we’ve progressed into a digital marketing consultancy becoming trusted advisors to our clients. And we continue to evolve every day.

Much like a website, a company is never “done.” We believe Confluence Digital will be ever evolving in pursuit of delivering a better service to clients and work environment. To that end we celebrate our fifth anniversary and take pride in holding ourselves to our original vision, value and philosophy.

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