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What Musicians Can Learn from Blue Scholars’ Social Media

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Photo Credit: Blue Scholars Facebook Page

The Blue Scholars is a Seattle-based music group who has been able to forego signing a deal with a record label by distributing and marketing their content by themselves through the use of social media.  As a fan of their work and after recently attending a social media event for musicians at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle, I decided to take a deeper look into their social accounts to find out what they are doing and how are they making it happen big.  One word – Impressed!  

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Dale Carnegie and 6 Ways to Make People Like and Share Your Content

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Photo: Dale Carnegie - Confluence Digital blog

If you’re wondering how long has the best selling American author Dale Carnegie been offering tips on content marketing, the answer is never – or at least never directly.  However, he did have great tips on how to make people like you.  

As a lifelong Dale Carnegie fan and follower of his advice, I learned that in most social situations when people like you they will talk to you and they will talk about you just like when they don’t like you. But what about the neutrals, you wonder? 

Well, this is exactly where the majority of marketers who have trouble producing engaging content are stuck, with most of their content perceived as digital background noise.

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A Systematic Approach for Creating Engaging Facebook Content

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Image: Facebook login page - Confluence Digital blogRecently I have spent some time reviewing different sources of “How To’s” and “Tips” for creating Facebook Page content that would engage existing fans and attract new ones.

One of my favorite tips is #7 from Guy Kawasaki’s 12 Pillars of EnchantmentAlways be photographing. Guy has got it right when he remarks that Facebook is a photo economy. What catches your eye is typically an image, not the accompanying text. But once you look, you may read, and even “Like”. So using compelling images is critical to success on Facebook (probably even more now with the unveiling of the new layout that has added to the visual chaos).

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Our SEO Top 20 Features Checklist for eCommerce Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Image: eCommerce - Confluence Digital blogIf you are a manager of an eCommerce website and you’re looking to make a switch of your content management system, SEO capabilities must be a central part of the decision.

Recently we have had the opportunity to work with several clients who were going through this process, so the question of selecting the “right” Content Management System that would meet their needs and be SEO friendly did come up.

Rather than recommend a specific platform, we thought we’d share our list of 20 SEO features that we feel a good system should include:

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Media Planning for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

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Photo: Digital media allocation buckets - Confluence Digital blog

The digital media budgeting question comes up often in the course of interacting with prospects and clients. It typicaly leads to an interesting discussion. Clients often assume that we follow a manual with the exact formula for the optimal mix of digital tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Social Media Marketing or Display Advertising. I only wish it were that easy! Instead what we find is that even when two clients have closely related products or services, there are always extenuating circumstances and distinctive characteristics that inevitably require a unique digital strategy for lead and customer acquisition. 

With many years in the digital space (did I really start in 1996?!), I figured I’d poll my network and see what they thought. The thought of a survey crossed my mind for a brief second or two. Surveys turn back my mental clock to taking exams in college. (Something I wasn’t particularly good at but that’s another story.) My 2c is that a survey tends to capture what the respondent thinks is the “right” answer, like on an exam. I wanted real-world-cuz-I-have-done-this-many-times types of answers.

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Three Blogging Strategy Best Practices

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Photo: Tips for writing your blog - Confluence Digital blog

Blogging can be a powerful way for your business to attract potential customers through useful content. The added bonus is that a well-optimized blog can help your business rank higher in the search engines, and shape your company’s online reputation.  As an example, consider the inspiring blogging success story of River Pools and Spas, a small business that sold swimming pools, which grew its reputation and became one of the largest pool companies in the United States by blogging two to three times a week!

In 2013, 58% of the US internet population is projected to be reading blogs on a monthly basis.  The opportunity continues to grow for those who decide to jump on the blogging wagon,  but for a blog to be effective you will have to be ready for a long term commitment with your writing efforts if you really want to see results.  That said, I thought I’d share three best practices you should keep in mind when creating your business’ blogging strategy:

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Immigration Reform: Pro vs Anti. Who’s Winning Online?

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Photo: NY Statue of Liberty - Confluence Digital blogAs Immigration Reform continues to be one of the hottest political debates, I decided to do a comparison of the online efforts between the top organizations from each side of the debate.  Considering that 85% of all searches start online with a query in Google or another search engine I picked the contenders based on their ranking when searching for “immigration reform” which led me to the following organizations: Reform Immigration for America (Pro-) and FAIR (Anti-).

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Can You Really Become an Internet Marketing Expert in 8 Weeks?

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Photo: youngest member of Confluence Digital team at workIf you saw an ad that said “take our super-duper online course and become a financial expert in 8 weeks!” would you believe it to be possible? But more importantly, would you feel comfortable handing over your investment portfolio to a grad of the program to manage? No? Well, me neither. I don’t believe it is possible to achieve expertise at anything in 8 weeks. OK, maybe with the exception of Angry Birds. I think it’s possible to become an expert at playing Angry Birds in 8 weeks.

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Top 3 Presentations from the Online Marketing Summit

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Image: Online Marketing Summit logo - Confluence Digital blog

Last week I attended the Online Marketing Summit here in Seattle. It was a great opportunity to meet and connect with others who share my passion for digital marketing. I enjoyed the event. Afterwards I was asked what my key takeaways were. There was a lot of material covered, so instead I thought I’d share my top 3 favorite presentations from the conference. I’ve selected them based on how they were delivered and how applicable I think they will be to my work. So, now the moment you’ve all (OK, the 3 people who have asked me) been waiting for… Here they are.

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