What Can We Learn from Klout Stars?

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Image: Jay Baer Klout Score - Confluence Digital blogThere is nothing better than learning how to rock in social media from the “Doers” instead of the “Talkers”, which is why I am big a fan of the Klout Stars series.

The blog series highlights top influencers in social media and how they got to where they are today.

That said, in my experience, even though the platform aims to measure user’s influences across all their social networks, for now it is really only a reference point for how influential they are on Twitter.

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Money Can’t Buy You Love, But It Can Buy You Like: A Look at Facebook Fan Sellers

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Facebook fansLet’s face it, whether you like it or not (no pun intended), if you’re trying to compete for eyeballs in today’s digital space, it’s likely that Facebook likes matter to you. If you are a private person with a personal blog you’re pushing to Facebook and sharing with your network, then likes are one way you know that people read your blog and enjoy what you have to say there.

Facebook likes definitely matter to your bottom line if you are managing a Facebook Page for your organization. Your Facebook Page serves as a very public point of engagement for your brand, possibly as a tool for testing the market with new ideas about your product or service, a place for fielding kudos and complaints and connecting with your existing and future customers. Your Facebook Page exists to help you become and remain relevant to your market.

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Media Planning for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

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Photo: Digital media allocation buckets - Confluence Digital blog

The digital media budgeting question comes up often in the course of interacting with prospects and clients. It typicaly leads to an interesting discussion. Clients often assume that we follow a manual with the exact formula for the optimal mix of digital tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Social Media Marketing or Display Advertising. I only wish it were that easy! Instead what we find is that even when two clients have closely related products or services, there are always extenuating circumstances and distinctive characteristics that inevitably require a unique digital strategy for lead and customer acquisition. 

With many years in the digital space (did I really start in 1996?!), I figured I’d poll my network and see what they thought. The thought of a survey crossed my mind for a brief second or two. Surveys turn back my mental clock to taking exams in college. (Something I wasn’t particularly good at but that’s another story.) My 2c is that a survey tends to capture what the respondent thinks is the “right” answer, like on an exam. I wanted real-world-cuz-I-have-done-this-many-times types of answers.

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Can You Really Become an Internet Marketing Expert in 8 Weeks?

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Photo: youngest member of Confluence Digital team at workIf you saw an ad that said “take our super-duper online course and become a financial expert in 8 weeks!” would you believe it to be possible? But more importantly, would you feel comfortable handing over your investment portfolio to a grad of the program to manage? No? Well, me neither. I don’t believe it is possible to achieve expertise at anything in 8 weeks. OK, maybe with the exception of Angry Birds. I think it’s possible to become an expert at playing Angry Birds in 8 weeks.

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