Category Bug on Google+ Local Pages You Should Know About

By July 25, 2012Social Media

During the past month I’ve been struggling to change a category on a clients’ business listing, now a Google-Plus-Local-Page-LogoGoogle+ Local Page. 

When editing a Google+ Local Page as a business owner you get re-directed to the Google Places Admin Dashboard.  

The problem is, after editing the business information of a listing (which in my situation was a change in the order of the business categories) the change is not reflected on the Google+ Local Page.

I thought I would put this quick post together to save you some stress as after there is currently no solution or support for this, at least I haven’t found one.  If I am wrong please leave a coment below 🙂    

In the meantime are there any other bugs you’ve discovered while using the new Google+ Local Lisitings?

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