Business Blogging: A Case Study of a Small Digital Marketing Program

By June 11, 2013The D-Blog

One of the most important aspects of any digital marketing program is setting up qualitative and quantitative metrics to measure for success.  Any digital marketing agency you do business with should not only be able to help develop these metrics, but they should be able to point to specific case studies in which their digital marketing program was successful.  And that is why Confluence Digital has put together another digital marketing case study:

A local, small business accountant seeks growth with small digital marketing program in highly competitive online market.

Challenge: a local, small business accountant in a highly competitive industry, with an extremely limited marketing budget and no time to devote to marketing, wants to increase revenue and grow as a business.

Action: we conducted a thorough audit of the site’s content and her current resources.  We assessed the business cycle and analyzed monthly keyword query volumes. From this systematic approach we developed a content calendar that is synchronized with how people search. We also began running a strategically focused paid search campaign, leveraging Google’s advanced targeting capabilities.

Result: 86% business growth in 2011 from 2010, and a 73% growth in 2012 from 2011.  Gained 13 current clients directly from the website and 2 from social media participation.  She’s also now hired 3 additional employees to help serve her current client base.

digital-marketing-program-growth (360x261)

Fun Fact: One of her current clients became a client after asking questions about a blog post she’d written and promoted on Twitter.

“I believe that whatever voodoo that you [do]… it is working.  I am getting calls from bookkeepers in other states that want me to talk to them about my posts, my tweets, etc.  I was asked by Intuit to be a speaker in July for a seminar.  I am getting a steady amount of calls coming in from the website and CPA referrals.  I will be adding two new positions to my team by the end of the summer.  I have hired an “in-house” admin assistant.  I have purchased my own telephone switchboard system.  I will also be hiring a higher level bookkeeper to start helping me…”

– Kristina Markovcic
   Kristina’s Abacus

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