WHY and HOW Businesses Can Benefit from Monitoring Social Media

By August 10, 2012Social Media

As social media and social signals are gaining traction both in popularity and Google rank value, it’s no wonder that monitoring-social-mediamore and more businesses are starting to use social media networks to connect with customers. In this blog post we will explain why and how businesses can benefit from monitoring social media.

WHY your business MUST be monitoring social media:

As social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter have become nearly unbiquitous as a day-to-day communication channel for a growing percentage of the population, it’s highly likely your current and potential customers are communicating, sharing and commenting on a social channel right at this moment. 

One of the best ways businesses can benefit from using social media is by learning how their customers feel about them. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest by definition encourage web users to share their opinions on everything from movies to restaurants, to any product and/or service imaginable with their followers and friends and by extension their entire network.  

Users on social channels send out social signals by giving reviews and sharing opinions of services or products. Since the customer comes first in every business model, the more you can find out about them and learn how they feel about you, the better. Social media channels have made it easy for businesses to track how their customers perceive them, provided you listen to the conversations and use monitoring social media tools.

When you’re monitoring social media feedback on these social channels be sure to ask yourself: “Does the feedback my business is receiving on these social channels match the message and image my business is trying to project?” Whether the answer is yes or no, you now have data in hand to help you make your next move.

By looking at what people are saying about you, you will be able to address their positive feedback with rewards and their negative feedback with individualized customer service.

HOW your business can monitor social media:

Monitoring your social media networks is a bit more complicated than just checking your business’ Facebook and Twitter account regularly, since conversations about your product or service can happen anytime, anywhere and not always on your page.  Luckily there are some really great social media monitoring tools available for you online.  The 3 most popular and free social media monitoring tools are:

1. Hootsuite

Available on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, Hootsuite allows you to track brand mentions, and analyze social media traffic.  The dashboard includes tracking elements to help you monitor and organize engagements, collaborations and analytics.

2. Social Mention

This tool allows users to easily track what people are saying about their business, by compiling it all in one location, in one single stream of information.  Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that sends out daily, free email alerts to its users when it intercepts a social mention relevant to your brand or market.

3. Google Alerts

The Google Alerts tool is configured to scan the web for a specific set of keywords and keyword phrases you set as “scan” parameters. It then sends subscribers email alerts each time it finds those keywords or phrases mentioned anywhere online.  To get started, all you need to do is to enter your business name, your products and services, and your site URL and you’re good to go. 

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