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What is Inbound Marketing? The 4 Most Important Steps for Success

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Inbound marketing, it’s a term you hear a lot, but what exactly is it? There are tons of different definitions online, and so we’ll start with the most basic definition of inbound marketing, which is: a set of marketing tactics that center on driving customers to your site (and hopefully, eventually your product or service).  Simply, it’s helping customers find you, instead of the other way around.  

These tactics include: making your site easier to find (SEO), driving traffic to your site (quality content creation), getting quality resources to link to your site (inbound links), and communicating directly with the audience via your website, blog, or social media (building customer relationships).  And by doing all of these things on a regular basis (this means at least weekly, yes, it takes time) you will be building a strong web presence and increasing your brand awareness at the same time.  

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5 Exciting New AdWords Features & How they Benefit Your Business

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With 400 million plus people using Google’s search engine to search for products, services and – hopefully the “thing” your business offers – Google AdWords has been innovating to – better, easier, faster – connect potential buyers and sellers online. In 2011 much of the focus had been on search engine optimization (SEO) with multiple algorithm updates, including the (in)famous Panda. It seems that 2012 is the year for paid search. As competition in the pay-per-click market continues to mount (Bing & Yahoo are increasingly relevant players as is rival, Facebook).

Combined, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Facebook and AOL will take in $23.9 billion in ad revenues, representing nearly two-thirds of total digital ad spending this year.

At $15.41 billion, Google’s ad revenue alone will account for 41.3% of total digital ad revenues in 2012. Google will see slightly slower growth than eMarketer estimated earlier this year, as the company’s ad revenues for the first two quarters of 2012 were a bit lower than expected.

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Top 5 Trends in Digital Marketing

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Whether you are a digital marketing professional or just someone trying to drive more traffic to your blog or company website, there are certain trends youtrends-in-digital-marketing must take into account when designing your digital marketing program.  In this blog post we identify the top five trends in digital marketing that – in our view – will have the greatest impact on the effectiveness of your digital marketing effort.

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GM Un-Likes Facebook Ads: Wrong Channel or Wrong Strategy?

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The big buzz in the digital world last week was about Facebook’s much-anticipated IPO. Taking away some of the gloss was the news that car giant GM was no longer interested in Facebook ads.  The author of the Wall Street Journal article (accessible only to paying subscribers) that released the story can’t resist extrapolating the news to questioning Facebook’s business model for its paid ad business and the IPO:

The move by GM, one of the largest advertisers in the U.S., puts a spotlight on an issue that many marketers have been raising: whether ads on Facebook help them sell more products. On Friday, Facebook is expected to sell shares in an initial public offering that could put a market value on the company of as much as $104 billion.

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Introducing Our “Why Book” Digital Marketing eBook Series

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We often get asked by clients, prospects and project collaborators in other fields to explain why we recommend they include a specific channel or technique in their digital marketing mix.

The question may come from any part of the organization, but typically it is asked by an individual playing one  of the following 4 roles in the organization:

  1. C-Level executive or business owner
  2. Financial decision maker
  3. Marketing manager
  4. IT or technical influencer

For smaller to mid-size businesses the person asking about digital marketing may be the decision-maker, but more often they are our key contact, our marketing, sales or IT champion at the client business.

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Google is Moving Pay Per Click Ads From Right Side to Bottom of Search Results

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As if introducing changes to the search algorithm to favor freshness of content when ranking pages for organic search and blocking keyword tracking in analytics for searches from users signed into their Google account was not enough, Google has announced that it’s going to stop displaying right side ads for paid search and replace them with Yahoo-style ads at the bottom of the page.

It seems the change is being rolled out gradually and at this time shows up mostly for searches done when logged into the account. I first noticed the change a week ago, but decided to dig in and test both logged in and logged out.

My sample search was “bookstores” and I saw the following results.

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Should You Rush and Implement the rel=”author” Tag on Your Site?

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Image: Rel="author" by Google (Image credit: Search Engine Land)

A client asked us the other day whether she should start using the rel=”author” tag for key content creators for her company’s website and link it to each author’s Google+ profile for enhance search visiblity. The client generates a substantial volume of great (valuable and engaging) content by several team members and has had some of that content republished without authorization. That’s one thing the rel=”author” tag is meant to prevent.

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Money Can’t Buy You Love, But It Can Buy You Like: A Look at Facebook Fan Sellers

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Facebook fansLet’s face it, whether you like it or not (no pun intended), if you’re trying to compete for eyeballs in today’s digital space, it’s likely that Facebook likes matter to you. If you are a private person with a personal blog you’re pushing to Facebook and sharing with your network, then likes are one way you know that people read your blog and enjoy what you have to say there.

Facebook likes definitely matter to your bottom line if you are managing a Facebook Page for your organization. Your Facebook Page serves as a very public point of engagement for your brand, possibly as a tool for testing the market with new ideas about your product or service, a place for fielding kudos and complaints and connecting with your existing and future customers. Your Facebook Page exists to help you become and remain relevant to your market.

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Can You Really Become an Internet Marketing Expert in 8 Weeks?

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Photo: youngest member of Confluence Digital team at workIf you saw an ad that said “take our super-duper online course and become a financial expert in 8 weeks!” would you believe it to be possible? But more importantly, would you feel comfortable handing over your investment portfolio to a grad of the program to manage? No? Well, me neither. I don’t believe it is possible to achieve expertise at anything in 8 weeks. OK, maybe with the exception of Angry Birds. I think it’s possible to become an expert at playing Angry Birds in 8 weeks.

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Introducing the Confluence Digital Executive Brief: Better than a White Paper

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Image: Sample Confluence Digital Executive Brief - Confluence Digital Blog

It seems that nearly every week a new Google AdWords function, social media platform enhancement or SEO technique gets added to the already complex digital marketer’s armamentarium. Overall I think that this frenzied evolution is a good thing for us and our clients. Better tools mean better targeting, better measurement, more data that we can use to optimize strategy to score better ROI. It’s all good. At the same time all this complexity is confusing and sometimes it’s hard to tell which new tool, technique or platform is a value add for your business vs. the “New Shiny” of the week.

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