What Makes the AdWords Enhanced Campaigns “Enhanced”?

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On 02/09/2013 Google announced what amounts to a paradigm shift in how AdWords campaigns will be managed from now on with the introduction of a new set of tools it dubbed “Enhanced Campaigns”.  That day we posted an initial high level overview of the AdWords Enhanced Campaigns features.  We shared that enhanced campaigns would enable advertisers to manage their ads on multiple technology platforms, view multiple types of conversions in the same interface, among many other new features.   

Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but as advertisers we need to understand what those changes will mean for us at the more granular level. How do the individual enhancements translate to the levers and controls that will now be available at the account, campaign, and ad group and keyword level? What new controls will we have, what controls will we lose, and how will that impact the accounts we manage? How will they impact our ROI?  

Now that enhanced campaigns have launched and are being rolled out, they are the default campaign type in AdWords. Until about mid-June, at which point all accounts will automatically transitioned to the new format, advertisers will still be able to create legacy campaigns, but Google discourages it and suggests that all new campaigns be set up as enhanced. Therefore understanding what those “enhancements” are and how they are likely to impact how you manage your AdWords account is critical.  

Helping You Plan for the Transition to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns  

We thought we would start with a quick inventory of the “enhanced” features in AdWords and account for what is not changing. We will then follow this initial high level list with a series of “deep dive” posts assessing each of the key features listed here, explaining their pros, cons and likely impact. We will also share our ideas for how advertisers can take advantage of the new feature.  

What are the New Features in Google AdWords

The following are some of the top AdWords enhancements that will become standard for all advertisers.  

  • Ads will be automatically (& by default) set and customized to run on all mobile platforms
  • In search campaigns advertisers will be able to make campaign level bid adjustments by device, location and time of day
  • On the Google Display Network bid adjustments by placement, topic, remarketing and more will be possible at ad group level
  • Smarter sitelinks, individually manageable at ad group level, by device type and on a schedule
  • Smarter and more diverse ad extensions, including (newly out of Beta!) offer, telephone or location extensions can now be scheduled and more to come, including media and book downloads and more (we will report on those enhancements as they roll out)
  • Dynamic keyword-linked URLs can be generated based on user device
  • Calls will be tracked and reported alongside other conversions

Which Features Will Remain Unchanged

These AdWords features will remain the same through the transition.  

  • The account hierarchy will not change, so you’ll still see Campaigns > Ad Groups > Ads > Keywords
  • Keyword match types will remain the same
  • Keyword level bidding is not changing
  • Best practice for organizing your Ad Groups around a small number of terms is not changing
  • Keeping your Search and Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns separate will continue to be the best practice
  • Targeting options on the GDN, including geographic, demographic, interest, topic and remarketing which have all been evolving in sophistication, are not changing
  • The Quality Score will still matter, and will be calculated the same way
  • Targeting by device, OS and carrier for GDN campaigns is not changing

The first enhancement we address in our series is the impact of the mobile advertising push. It’s the overarching characteristic of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns and will have the most immediate, macro level impact on how campaigns will be managed and what it means for advertisers.  

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