A Systematic Approach for Creating Engaging Facebook Content

Image: Facebook login page - Confluence Digital blogRecently I have spent some time reviewing different sources of “How To’s” and “Tips” for creating Facebook Page content that would engage existing fans and attract new ones.

One of my favorite tips is #7 from Guy Kawasaki’s 12 Pillars of EnchantmentAlways be photographing. Guy has got it right when he remarks that Facebook is a photo economy. What catches your eye is typically an image, not the accompanying text. But once you look, you may read, and even “Like”. So using compelling images is critical to success on Facebook (probably even more now with the unveiling of the new layout that has added to the visual chaos).

But a list of tips – even good ones like Guy’s – does not amount to a practical solution for day to day content creation for your Facebook Page. So I took all those useful tips and combined them to develop my own methodology for easy, systematic Facebook content creation. I thought it may be useful and decided to share it with our readers and fans.

The Facebook Content Strategy Albums approach to content strategy planning

The approach is simple and useful; if Facebook it’s a picture economy, then plan your content around images!  For example, below are some bullet-points on content categories for Facebook that I got from HubSpot’s awesome e-book called 100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas.

  • Community Ideas – E.g. Reaching out to fans asking them what they would like to see in your next blog post or webinar
  • Community Opinion – E.g. Reaching out to fans through questions to get their opinion on something
  • How To’s & Tips – E.g. Blog posts that contain How To’s & Tips targeting the needs of your fans
  • Holiday Celebrations – E.g. Posts wishing your fans happy holidays, idealy in a creative and engaging way 🙂
  • Infographics – E.g. Fan representation of cool data that no one really wants to see just in numbers
  • Fun Post – E.g. Sharing office fun? Yes it’s OK to take a break once in a while and be goofy haha 

I then created photo albums on Facebook named with the content categories above. By using this tactic I (and you if you choose to follow my lead!) will be forced to always post with pictures but also always be reminded to diversify your content.  You probably don’t want to be see me posting about “Confluence fun” the whole month!

Confluence Digital Facebook Page Content Strategy Photo Albums

How to post content on Facebook using this approach?

OK if by now this is an idea that you’re going to give a try, here is the process on how to do it.  You can watch this video or follow the steps below.

  1. Before getting started make sure to first pick default pictures that you can use for each category.  When posting something under a category and you don’t have the time to look for an specific picture to accompany the post, use the category’s default picture instead.  
  2. Upload an eye-catching picture that for your post that will clearly represent its corresponding category.
  3. Use the picture description to describe the post or the picture.
  4. Save and skip publishing since you only want to publish the picture by itself and the pop up to publish is for the album.
  5. Go back to the category album, chose the new uploaded picture and click on share. Make sure that you’re sharing on your Page and not on your personal Profile. 
  6. On the picture’s sharing message box add a teaser that triggers likes or comments, click on post and you’re done! 
Hope this helps with planning and executing your content strategy on Facebook.  Let me know what you think and ask questions or share your Facebook content strategy tips in our comments section. 


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