6 New and Important Terms in Google AdWords Search Funnels Defined

By February 27, 2013PPC

While news of the biggest change to Google advertising is spreading around the World, Google AdWords has been supplemented with quite a few unfamiliar and sometimes confusing features. In this blog post I’ll clarify 6 of the most important new features in AdWords, so you can keep up to date with AdWords and Paid Search Advertising.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Undoubtedly the biggest change, we’ve explained what “enhanced” means in AdWords Enhanced campaigns in a previous blog post. The new enhanced campaigns is big news for digital marketers, however, it isn’t the only new change to Google AdWords. If you’ve enabled conversion tracking, you’ll should now be able to see a new section within the column customizer for Search Funnels.

Go to Campaigns > Columns > Customize Columns > Search Funnels.  


Search Funnels

Previously located under the Conversion tab this feature is more easily accessible now. The search funnels reports shows the entire search path your customers took before they converted, instead of just showing a conversion for the last keyword your customer clicked on.  By tracking “right” ad clicks and impressions, you will be able to understand how customers search for your product; hence, you will get the opportunity to improve existing conversion paths and get better return on investment (ROI).

Within the Search Funnels reports there are these 4 important terms to know:

Assist clicks

These are all the clicks leading up to a conversion for each keyword (except for the last click).

Assist impressions

Are the display ads that showed but weren’t clicked by a customer as they searched.

Clicks assisted conv. & Clicks assisted conv. value

Is the number (and monetary value) of sales and conversions the social network assisted. An assist occurs when someone visits your site, leaves without converting, but returns later to convert during a subsequent visit.

Click-assisted conversions / last-click conversion

You definitely want to know this one, because it shows keywords that customers are using early in the buying cycle. Let’s imagine that you’ve chosen a bunch of keywords to include for your paid search campaign, you bid on them, and it turns out those keywords have low conversion rates. The Search Funnels will help you figure out which terms actually convert, and so you can better avoid bidding on keywords that don’t convert.

I’m really excited about the changes coming to Google advertising! It provides huge opportunities for everyone in paid search. However, in order to stay on top of the industry, you need to watch for the updates. Knowing what the new features are and what they do will help you stay ahead of the pack.

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