5 Types of Web Content that Drive Engagement

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In your web marketing practices, your biggest goal should always be to drive a greater amount of engagement with your target audience. There are some specific types of web content that are better for these purposes than others. Let’s highlight five of those:

1. Blog posts

Blog posts are a necessary addition to any website. In addition to the SEO benefits they provide through the constant updates to your site, they are also an excellent chance to invite readers to share their opinions in comments, or to share your posts on social networks. Specific types of blogs that are particularly successful include lists, reviews, opinions/editorials, tutorials, step-by-step guides and news pieces. The most successful blogs help to establish a sense of community within a brand.

2. Social media

The entire point of social media is, simply put, to be “social.” You should be sharing content that people find interesting and useful, and that they’ll likely share with their friends. This includes pictures, blog posts, videos and anything else that will get your social media followers involved. Your social media platforms are also great to use to distribute surveys, to gain feedback and to engage in conversation with your customers.

3. Digital video

One of the biggest web content marketing trends in 2014 is expected to be the continued rise of digital video marketing. Like blog posts, there are certain types of videos that tend to do particularly well online, including tutorials, documentaries, entertainment videos (specifically ones that are funny or enjoyable to watch), unique commercials and more. If you aren’t already doing digital video marketing, it’s time to get started.

4. Photo galleries

Images have been proven to be one of the pieces of content on the web that drive the most engagement. They are easily shared and “liked” on social media, take up prominent places on social media newsfeed and are quick to browse through. The same goes for photo galleries on your website; they give your web users a great way to get a quick sense of who you are as a brand. Use images as much as possible, whenever it makes sense to do so.

5. Webinars

Webinars perhaps aren’t as commonly used as the other forms of web content we’ve already discussed, but they are just as effective in terms of driving engagement. They offer your business a chance to share your expertise in your field with other people who are interested in learning more. It also is a great opportunity for customers or clients to come to you with questions.

How many of these types of web content are you using on a consistent basis? 

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