5 Tips To Boost Your Holiday e-Commerce Sales with Facebook

By October 9, 2011PPC, SEO, Social Media

The holiday season is approaching and triggering consumers to start thinking about purchasing.  If you’re an online retailer the next 3 months is your last chance to push and attract sales to finish the year strong.  

You probably already know that it is fundamental to have SEO and PPC campaigns running to increase awareness of your company, products and services.  However things are changing in the digital space as now U.S. Internet users spent 41.1 billion minutes on Facebook, surpassing Google 39.8 billion minutes for the first time (according to comScore) which is why it is important to get your business where the customers are — on social media.    

Here are 5 tips to help you make sure that you are leveraging Facebook to extend your business visibility and pull in more revenue – assuming, of course, that you have already created a Facebook Page, if not, create one now

#1 Offer exclusive offers on your Facebook Page 

People like great products and great deals, once you have that down, run exclusive offers on your business Facebook Page in exchange for “likes” to grow your audience. 

 #2 Keep your Facebook Page fans engaged 

After users “like” your Facebook page, make sure that you keep them engaged by running exclusive offers once in a while through your Facebook Page posts.  If you fail to keep your audience engaged, your network reach or post’s impressions will decrease because of Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm which determines the edge/popularity of your posted content. In practice this means that if you don’t get your fans to “like” and comment on your posts, your posts will appear less frequently on their personal Facebook Newsfeed. 

Useful Link:  6 Tips to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank and Exposure 

#3 Add Like buttons to your products on your site  

Quick Stat:  35% of people are more likely to buy liked items.

Make it easy for your users to find out automatically what their friends have recently shown interest in on your site.  Adding a Like button to your products is a great way to add social proof to your offerings and influence the visitor who is making a buying decision.  This tool is specially effective when visitors are logged on Facebook and one or more of their Facebook  friends has already “liked” the product. The friends’ names will be featured in the button next to the product indicating that they “liked” it.  

Quick Stats:  (1) 90 percent of people trust recommendations of friends above any form of advertising.  (2) 35 million Facebook users have shared a product.

Even if a high counter of product “likes” or visitor’s friend’s previous endorsement is not enough to drive the purchase, if the customer “likes” the product, it will at least have a chance to be featured in the visitor’s Facebook profile.  During this phase, the product will be up for further opinion gathering and recommendations by the customer’s personal network which could positively influence the customer when considering the purchase.  In another scenario the customer may also promote your product by posting an update of his new purchase before checking out. 


#4 Consider selling your products through your Facebook Page 

Why? Because it’s practical, and after all the goal here is to make it simpler for your fans to buy from you.  Install a store front applications on your Facebook Page to display your products within Facebook. If a visitor clicks on the buy option, the system will re-direct the transaction to your site’s shopping cart. 

Useful Link: How to Sell Products Via Your Facebook Page 

 #5 Advertise on Facebook

Quick Stats: (1) US social network ad revenues to reach $3.08 billion this year.  (2) 1 in 4 minutes spent on the Internet in the US is spent on Facebook.  

Spending on social media advertising will be up 55% this year, Why? – Because it’s working and that’s where the customers are spending most of their time online.   

Useful Link: The How To Guide for Facebook Advertising 

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