The 5 Mistakes Businesses are Making in Social Media Marketing!

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At this point the value of social media marketing in SEO is indisputable.  So the question isn’t social-media-marketing-mistakeswhether or not businesses should use social media marketing tactics, but instead, what they should do to use that social media effectively, and what are the biggest mistakes they need to avoid making?

Here are the five biggest mistakes businesses are making in social media right now, and how you can avoid them. 

Social Media Marketing Mistake #1: They’re not updating!

You’ve heard the saying, “the number one rule in life is just showing up”?  Well the number one rule of social media is the same.  

Avoid This Mistake: What does “show up” mean in social media? Update! And update often.  If you don’t have the time to attend to all the channels, a common complaint of most marketers, hire additional help or choose which channel is most likely to work best for you or develop a content strategy and pick a platform that will enable you to efficiently redistribute your content across multiple channels. Consider getting a social media marketing assessment to determine which channel to focus on or which platform to choose.  

Social Media Marketing Mistake #2: They’re not using the channels correctly

One of the most alluring aspects of social media is how it functions.  There’s something both scientific and poetic at the same time about having to express yourself in 140 characters or less on Twitter.   We’ve created social communication channels to fit our tendency to want to get our information in small, easy to digest bites. When users have only a certain amount of room to share their content, context becomes absolutely critical. 

Avoid This Mistake: Getting comfortable with each of the social media channels your business uses.  Understand the audience of each channel, and figure out what content usually performs the best on that site (is it pictures, or videos, or articles?).  Then create that content

Social Media Marketing Mistake #3: They aren’t crossposting their content

Consider the fact that your audience is spread across multiple channels. If you take the time to create useful, engaging content, make the most of it by redistributing it across all the channels you’re managing to increase the likelihood of it being viewed by your target market.. 

Avoid This Mistake: One of the easiest ways to update all of your channels at once is to automatically crosspost your blog content to your social media sites

Social Media Marketing Mistake #4:  They’re forgetting to interact with individual customers

Some businesses are updating their social media channels on a regular basis but forget that the community is a group of individuals. Keeping your channels up-to-date is not the only goal in social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. have all been designed to make it easier for businesses to communicate directly with individual customers, answering questions, addressing concerns and solving problems in near-real-time. This requires monitoring the channel for activity and responding at your earliest convenience. Most social media management platforms come with an alert feature that makes that process easier. 

Avoid This Mistake: Understand the value of Facebook, Twitter, etc., and the unique opportunity you have in these instances.  Bottom line, if a customer takes the time to communicate with your business via a social media channel you should take the time to respond. 

Social Media Marketing Mistake #5: They aren’t monitoring beyond their own page

A lot of businesses are only monitoring certain performance metrics on their own sites and not monitoring the larger conversations happening around them on related groups or forums.  When you aren’t monitoring the conversations outside of your page, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with potential customers. 

Avoid This Mistake: Monitor the social media sites you use for relevant conversations, questions, concerns you can contribute to.  Also, look at other forums and groups online (maybe check out sites like Quora).  Try to be a problem solver and expert in that community by providing the content your audience is seeking. 

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