5 Free Twitter Management Tools to Help Us Reach 1000 Followers by Judgment Day

By May 17, 2011The D-Blog

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OK, so some folks are predicting that Judgment Day is around the corner and here at Confluence I’m stepping on the gas to reach our 1000 Twitter followers goal before then.

As of today we are only 124 followers short of that goal, and I thought of sharing 5 FREE Twitter tools I have been using to help us connect with the broader social media world.  These may come handy to help you get started with or optimize your social media efforts.

#1 Seesmic

Alright, so you are all set up in Twitter Land but you are still living in a cramped studio.  You don’t have enough space to have a party and interact with many people and it is simply inconvenient to manage your Twitter account.  If this is the case, then you should start thinking about getting a house.  Our house on Twitter-land is Seesmic, which is a great tool that enables us to be more social and responsive by breaking our Twitter streams into multiple columns.

#2 Twellow

Twellow, is the yellow pages of Twitter-land.  Twellow lets you browse through Twitter users by category and (or) geographic location.  This is a great tool to see who’s out there and connect with them based on your personal interests.

#3 Tweepi

Now, after introducing ourselves through Twellow by following a couple of interesting users, some were too busy to follow us back. Too bad. In Twitter-land this can hold you back from continuing to connect with others as you need to keep a balanced follower-to-following ratio so you may signal to Twitter that “hey I am here to be social and build relationships, not spam”.  Tweepi is a great tool to flush our those who didn’t follow back after a couple of days, and to help you to follow back all those who are interested in you.  It also has a couple more features like flushing those who are Twitter-shy and never really interact with others.

#4 Timely

When following up on shy Twitter users, you want to make sure that you don’t become shy yourself.  Timely is a great tool to schedule your tweets when you’re Twitter-hyper, feel like sharing lots with others and have it posted when your followers are walking around Twitter Land.  It’s like being hyper always at the right time!

#5 Twitalyzer

And finally, after spending your day in Twitter Land, use Twitalyzer to see how likeable you are, and what you have shared with others.  This tool allows keeping track of your impact on Twitter based on a combination of factors including how others react to your tweets through replies, re-tweets, citations, etc.

There are more tools that we are currently exploring and learning how to use, but those are my top 5 on this journey to reach our first 1000 followers.  Now I am wondering if you are Twitter popular and what tools have worked the best for you so far?

I love comments and feedback, so please let me know what you think of the Twitter tools I describe here and if you like them. Or suggest other tools you like.  And in the meantime, please follow us on Twitter! Help us reach our 100o followers by Judgment Day goal.

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