4 Tips on How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

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In today’s digital marketing climate, having a social media marketing campaign for your business is an absolute must. develop-social-media-strategy-for-businessHowever, many business owners are still lost when it comes to how to get started and what type of content they should put on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are four tips that should help you get your social media strategy off the ground:


 1. Consider what your goals are.

Before you even begin planning your social media strategy, you need to ask yourself what it is that you’re hoping to achieve. There’s no such thing as instant success in a social media campaign, so focus on what you can offer your customers through social media and how you can use that offering to grow your following over time. Then, track your social media strategy progress with your goals so that you can determine the effectiveness of your strategies.

 2. Choose the right platforms for your business.

There are many different social media platforms available, but that doesn’t mean you have to be on all of them. Facebook and Twitter are basically universal networks that you should get on right away, and Google+, while not as populated as the former, still offers excellent SEO opportunities. However, Instagram or Pinterest aren’t necessarily right for your business if you have an accounting firm, and LinkedIn isn’t necessarily right for your business if you own a bakery. Know your brand and your audience, and use that knowledge to determine what networks are right for you.

 3. Plan your content, and make it good.

What is it that makes your business interesting? The last thing people want to do is read tons of boring articles that you share with them. Focus your social media campaigns on what make your business or industry exciting. Also, be sure that you’re not only pushing content that’s directly related to your business. Plan out an even mix of content about your business, content about your industry as a whole and content that encourages engagement from your audience.

 4. Be consistent with your social media strategy.

You should be consistent with how you’re going to use your page. If you’re going to address customer service issues on social media once, you should be prepared to do it always.  Also, you should hold yourself to standards of how often you’re going to post on your site. Once a day is advisable .Too much and you run the risk of annoying your followers, too little and you run the risk of either looking lazy or losing your followers’ interest.

These few tips should give you a solid foundation as you prepare to launch your own social media marketing campaign. For more tips or to obtain assistance for your social media strategy, contact our digital marketing experts at Confluence today.

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