3 Quick Tips for Making Your Facebook Page Posts Irresistible

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I’m glad you’re interested in making the best out of your Facebook posts but let’s first get on the same page as far as what it is that you’re trying to accomplish with your posts.  

  1. You want your posts to get maximum exposure/reach
  2. You want your posts to start conversations and get comments
  3. You want your posts to be liked and shared 

Can we agree on all 3 above? If yes, then check out my 3 quick tips below on how to make your Facebook posts noticeable, irresistible, and supremely shareable. 😉 

Tip #1 Find out your most successful times to post 

When to post for maximum exposure?  

One performance metric that I look at to find out when I should be posting for most exposure is Reach, which you can find on the Facebook Insights tab.  

Usually what I do is:

  • Click on the Insights tab on the right side of the Facebook Page to access page analytics. 
  • Sort the summary by Reach in the Page posts section to see the posts that got the most amount of exposure/impressions.   
  • Look for patterns in these posts on a micro level by looking at times and sometimes on a macro level by looking at days or even weeks when they were published

Research may take some A/B testing, but trust me, your secret formula for maximum exposure is waiting for you at the end of the path 😉  

For example in one of the Facebook pages that I manage where the majority of fans are local college students, it was really easy to find that my best time to post posts for maximum exposure there is between 5 to 6pm.  So yes it gets easier if you have an specific audience… which is exactly why you should never buy your fans!  Keep your network relevant, quality beats quantity when creating relationships and in this case getting your posts in the spotlight of the day.   

And before we move to the next tip, there are studies out there to help you get started on optimizing your posts like Dan Zarella’s Science of Timing findings, but at the end of the day you still need to find out what works for you.  Learn globally and execute locally 🙂 

Tip #2 Keep your posts short and craft your questions right

The truth is that when people are skimming through their Facebook news feed, their attention span is short because of all the updates/information they are consuming at the same time, so yes I agree with this mini article on the topic. 

This is why you want to keep your posts short and engaging so that you may get your fans’ attention in that split second before their eyes scan across it and leave your post hanging without engaging. Rule of thumb is less than 80 characters, use it as a reference point, it’s OK if you do 81 this is not Twitter strict 😉 

And  yes you need to ask questions but you need to ask them right. Why? Because if you don’t people won’t answer.  

This is a popular tip in the social media world but I hope that after reading this you get some extra traction from executing it 😉 

From personal testing I found that questions beginning with “When”, “Where”, “Would” and “Should” have been most effective at starting conversations on Facebook.  Now, I am not saying that you should do this all the time as it could get annoying for your fans after a while, but whenever you have a chance of crafting without forcing a question like this, you should do it and you’ll be happy with the results.  I am happy just sharing this with you 🙂  

Again remember, balance for everything, you don’t want to abuse this tip by asking questions all the time or you’ll remind me of a character in a cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid. 

Tip #3 Use photo and video more often

Getting your posts shared is going to take more than just asking people to share them.  We are dealing with humans here, so unless you aim to  trigger their emotions, they won’t share your posts.  

After reading a couple of articles and testing some popular recommendations on the topic, my quick tip would be to step up your efforts with more photos, videos, infographics, or something where the end user can make a visual connection with your post. 

And no, I am not saying that only photo or video posts will get shared or liked, but that they are just more likely to get shared than plain status updates.  Guy Kawasaki says that Facebook is a photo economy, so if you want to invest in it, you need to use the right currency at least once in a while.  Here is an example of a viral post I had to share today (yep, it is a picture).  

OK, hope you enjoyed this article, try these tips and share your results with me later on.  Also if you have some other tips with some examples to back them up, share them with me here and I may feature you on a follow up post; a quick extra inbound link for your collection. 🙂 


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