Not Your Average SEO: 3 Advanced SEO Tactics for SMBs

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If you own/manage/market for a small to mid size business then you already know the importance of good SEO on your company website. But what can you do beyond making sure you’re using SEO best practices?advanced-seo

3 Advanced SEO Tactics for Small-to-Mid-Size Businesses

We’ve put together a few tips for those who need more advanced SEO tactics.

1. Optimize for Your Audience As Well As Search Engines

Understanding who your audience is, how they talk, how they use the internet, how they research and purchase products and services is essential to optimizing your website for them to be able to find you online. You can optimize for your audience as well as search engines in unison by figuring out who your audience is, what words they use to describe your products/services (e.g. do they say “soda” or “pop”?) and then giving search engines the technical clues they need to match your content with relevant search queries (optimized meta data).

2. Optimizing for the Sales Funnel

Your website is your digital storefront. You have to consider how you want your website to support your business, what role you’d like it to play in the sales funnel, and design the customers’ online experience to follow an easy to navigate path to conversion. A customer doing general research on a type of product and a customer searching for a specific brand name product are expecting two different sets of search results. The first customer is expecting information on that product, which brands are the best, how much it costs, etc. The second customer might already know those things and is now looking for a way to purchase it. Organize and optimize your website into and for the different stages of the sales funnel, so that you can reach your customers at every stage.

3. Optimizing Offline

There’s only so much you can do in the digital space, and there are a ton of others doing the exact same things. That’s when it’s time to get out there and start making connections and standing out offline. Attend local networking events in your industry, expand your knowledge by attending relevant conferences and seminars, then follow up with those peers and organizers online. Deliver amazing customer service in person and on the phone. Encourage people who’ve had a good experience with you to follow up and give you a good review online. People will want to talk about their good experiences, even more so about their bad ones, so make sure you’re delivering a good experience through all of your businesses’ other channels as well as digital.

Those are my three advanced SEO tips. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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