Brand Activism™ is our proven methodology that ignites and brings brands to life.

The process starts by capturing the essence of your brand with our Brand Platform exercise. This is the heavy lifting to define your brand and what it stands for. Two phases make up the process with the end result being a concise and very focused representation of your brand’s attributes, promise and essence. The first phase involves surveying internal stakeholders to understand their individual points of view. In the second phase we use proprietary research and survey external stakeholders (i.e. customers, clients, partners, etc.) about the brand. What follows is identifying where the two groups of stakeholders are out of alignment and developing tactics to re-align for the long term.

The Brand Platform drives translating the brand position into a creative strategy and identity. Translation into creative assets yields a logo, color palette, packaging and other visual brand assets required to deliver the message. Communication is the third step in the process and defines your brand’s messaging strategy and channel selection. Assess is the last step in our methodology. This involves selecting appropriate goals, objectives and performance metrics.

Application of the Brand Activism™ methodology results in an integrated multi-channel program strategy which delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time that only results when there is alignment of the brand promise to market expectations.

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